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Tyranny of the minority

William Hillman

(6/2016) I finished last monthís column with a comment about the bathroom unpleasantness in North Carolina. Iím going to pick up right where I left off. To quote myself, "This is just all a bunch of silliness. Itís government trying to legislate stupidity and bad manners out of society. Personally, I think it is an effort to distract the chattering class and once again insert a wedge in the American public."

As Iíve said before in this column, I believe, as a whole, Americans are good, honest, people. The hate-filled racist, xenophobic white male is mostly an aberration, an extreme outlier on the bell curve. I would make the argument that most people who come across as racist or gay haters are just "asses" in general.

So why is the news constantly filled with reports and articles about the mistreatment of minorities and pushing the need for laws giving special rights and privileges for "special classes of citizens"?

Like most things, itís the money. There is a ton of money to be made in the race and special class hustling industry.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify what Iím talking about. There are a great number of people out there who work hard for equality and are not in it for the money. The civil rights movement has corrected flaws in this otherwise great country. Iím excluding them from this rant. They deserve all the praise they get.

Letís be clear. There will always be jerks in any crowd (I originally used a stronger term but my editor made me tone it down). Freedom of speech and expression includes the freedom to be a jerk. We cannot have one without the other. This is the price of a free society. None of us like them, but it is the price we pay. Control and regulation of speech are the first gambits of fascism.

Slicing and dicing this country into smaller defined minority groups has become an industry. What used to be a very noble cause ensuring that every man, woman, and child was treated equally and fairly by the rights guaranteed in the constitution, and the laws of the federal government and states, has morphed into an industry of division.

Lobbyists and fundraisers have found a new deep well of cash in the minority hustling business. Even the grassroots level street protesters now do it for the money.

Quote from the Washington Times May 19th 2015 titled Hired Black Lives Matter protesters start #CutTheCheck after being stiffed by ACORN successor group. "Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has been paying protesters $5,000 a month to demonstrate in Ferguson."

The article goes on further to discuss how many of the protesters were becoming disillusioned that millions of dollars will be made off the deaths of black males by white foundations.

Another quote from the Washington Times article reads as follows: "Questions have been raised as to how the movement is to sustain when white non-profits are hoarding monies collected off of [sic] black bodies? When we will [sic] hold the industry of black suffering accountable? The people of the community are fed up and the accountability begins here and now."

Universities offer programs in minority studies. Students can spend $100,000 of their parentsí savings on a degree in gay and lesbian studies. The goal of these courses is to create a pool of labor for an industry. An industry not interested in equality, but in guilt. I suggest that the special interest/minority industry is not interested in actually solving problems. The prime directive of any industry is to protect itself. The purpose of Ford is not to make the "last car" but to make cars forever. Likewise, the minority hustling industry is not interested in unity, but continued division. Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, now we need to be careful of the "minority industrial complex". We are starting to see the rise of a tyranny of the minority.

The constant focus on social divisions and hyper-political correctness that the race industry has created is becoming sickening. We now have "micro- aggressions". If you have yet to come across this term, congratulations. Here are some examples of micro-aggressions I pulled from the internet. "Are you Asian?" "What country are you from?" "Do you speak Spanish?" Apparently, these questions reveal a persons hidden racism.

The race industry needs haters. Actually, it needs wealthy haters that it can prey upon. And when there are none, it has to create them. Much like the churches of old, the industry has a cash stream based on guilt. First, it convinces the rich white business owner that they are, at heart, racist by their birth. Then the race industry sells "indulgences". "If you send us a check then you are a good, clean person. If you donít, you are a racist bigoted hater.

If you spend much time with young recent college grads like I do, you know how hyper-sensitive they are to issues of race and "diversity." This culture of victim, guilt, and micro-aggression is entrenched in the universities. These young kids are coming out of school not "color blind", but brainwashed to see everything in terms of race, sex, orientation, etc.

The civil rights movement called for unity and equality. The minority industry strives for division and entitlement. We have replaced "equal treatment under the law" with "special treatment under the law." Freedom of Speech now has an asterisk with a list of exceptions.

All of this serves as a very important distraction, a sleight of hand, to benefit the ruling class. It keeps the populist (us) fighting among themselves. While we are focused on who uses what bathroom, they are pillaging the public treasury. Our energy is spent debating and fighting over flags from a war fought almost 150 years ago while the Washington and Wall Street Oligarchs conjure up trade deals and regulations that make them billions while destroying American jobs and the American dream.

Something to think about. The political class has turned whites against blacks, insisting police are racists. But who is slowly turning the civil police force into a modern army with armored cars and the latest weapons? Certainly not the community. Who are the Washington elite protecting with this army, and from whom?

The Oligarchs greatest fear is that one day, before the last Lincoln penny has been pillaged, the people will come to understand that the enemy of Freedom and rights is not the family down the street that looks different or the kid in a dress, but them, the people behind the current, pulling the strings.

The founding fathers, in their wisdom, resisted making this Country a democracy and rather a republic. They saw democracy as nothing more than Mob rule, a tyranny of the majority. What we have today is a tyranny of the minority. Through guilt and political correctness, a small group can force its will upon the majority. The fractures and factions that this system is creating will be the death of the Republic. Our government needs some sort of unity in direction and course. It cannot function as a collective of self interested factions.

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