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The Arts Scene

Let there be art!

Kathryn Franke
MSM Class of 2013

(2/2012) I hope everyone had a wonderful January! Can you believe it’s already the second month of the year? It seems like just yesterday we were counting down as the ball dropped bringing in 2012. And now the month of good ol’ love is upon us, as I’m sure you can tell from the swarm of pink and red hearts that is rapidly taking over stores everywhere.

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I felt that it is only fitting that I share with you one of my favorite crafts for the holiday. Exchanging Valentine cards is one of the things that makes this holiday so exciting, especially for children and their classmates. I can remember searching through all of the Valentines and choosing the ones that were just right to hand out to all of my friends. One time, I came across a homemade Valentine that was not only fun to make, but also fun for the recipient to open, or should I say, unwrap.

To start, take brown construction paper and cut it in the shape of a Hershey’s Kiss. The card can be any size you’d like. Next, write your message on the cutout shape. The next step is to cut a long rectangle of white paper and write the famed "HERSHEY’S" writing that is found on the candies. After that, tape the white strip onto the brown Hershey’s Kiss cutout. Last but not least, wrap the whole thing in tin foil, and you have a simple and creative way to let that special someone know how much you care! This is a great card for someone of any age, and kids will love making them for their friends.

Now, onto the task at hand. I’m sure you want to know the happenings of the local art world this month. There are a lot of really interesting and diverse events and programs going on in the Gettysburg area throughout this month. To start off the month, The Gettysburg Retail Merchants Association is sponsoring "First Friday," where there will be countless special sales, book signings, artist receptions, demonstrations, and extended business hours. Look for the First Friday banner at participating Gettysburg shops, restaurants, galleries, and tours.

Another fun event for the family will be held from Friday, February 10th to Sunday, the 12th at Liberty Mountain Resort. They will be hosting "80’s Weekend," featuring many all-day, family fun events. There will be a 1980’s Reagan Ball on Saturday night at 8pm. The resort is located at 121 Sanders Road in Carroll Valley. Call 717-642-8211 for details.

Next comes a form of art that we haven’t really been introduced to so far: the art of reenacting. On Saturday, February 18th, the Winter Lecture Series will teach us "How to Become a Re-enactor." In Part 2 of this series, reenactors can learn "How to Develop Your Persona." This lecture will be held at the 1863 Inn, located at 516 Baltimore Street. It will be held from 10 a.m. to noon and 2-4 p.m. The cost is $10 per person, and you can call 717-338-1776 for details.

On Thursday, February 23rd, the Majestic Theatre will present "The All New Original Tribute to The Blues Brothers." The theater is located at 25 Carlisle Street and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Call 717-337-8200 for ticket information.

You can continue the fun into the weekend because on Saturday the 25th, the National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center will be hosting, "An Evening with the Painting." Learn all about the Gettysburg Cyclorama and see it up close. This incredibly detailed, spectacular oil painting by Paul Dominique Philippoteaux brings the Battle of Gettysburg to life and seems to capture history within its very essence. This night is sponsored by The Gettysburg Foundation and will be held from 5-6:30 p.m. Call 717-338-1243 for ticket information.

The Adams County Arts Council (ACAC) is offering many classes this month that are great opportunities to learn more about a variety of mediums. On Mondays from February 6-27, you can explore the basics in the "Painting Fundamentals" class, held from 6-8 p.m. Discover how to use your brushes, paints, and turpentine by learning the key elements of painting successfully with oil paints. Students will learn about value and composition, and they will learn the relationship between positive and negative space, and how to utilize negative space to bring out the positive space. A materials list will be provided upon signing up. The cost is $85 for members of the ACAC and $95 for nonmembers.

On Mondays, February 6th and 13th from 5:30-8:30 p.m., you can make some stunning jewelry in the "Make It/Take It Polymer Clay Jewelry" class. This class will give you the opportunity to "create wearable art," as the ACAC describes it. Students will learn how to layer colors and also accent your creations with glitter, gold foil, translucent colors, and specialized carving tools. You will be able to make unique brooches and large beads. The cost is $64 for members and $72 for nonmembers, plus $15 for materials.

A new class will be offered called, "Fused-Glass Candleholder." This will be held on Tuesday, February 7th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can make your own votive candleholders from glass that you select and assemble. Each student will get to make two candleholders by stacking colored glass to create your very own unique set. Keep them for yourself, or give them as a gift! The pieces will be fired in a kiln to make the colors fuse and create a gorgeous end result. This class is great for people of any skill level because everyone will work at his or her own pace. The cost is $21 for members and $24 for nonmembers, plus $30 for materials.

Yet another new class is the "Mixed Media" course held on Tuesdays from February 7-28 from 1-3 p.m. The materials for this class are the very definition of eclectic, as you will be using paints, pastels, colored pencils, and different kinds of paper to create your own unique collage work. The class will focus on abstract compositions. This class costs $85 for members and $95 for nonmembers, plus $15 for materials.

Back by popular demand, the "Introduction to Watercolor" class will take place on Wednesdays from February 8-29, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. This class is designed for beginners, and it will teach you to how to use the brushes, paints, and papers used for watercolor paintings. You will know all the techniques and tools to create your own beautiful masterpiece! A materials list will be provided, and the class costs $85 for members and $95 for nonmembers.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the ACAC will be offering a cooking class so you can learn how to make a romantic dinner for you and that special someone in your life. "Love at First Bite" will take place on Saturday, February 11th from 3-5 p.m. Students will learn how to cook smoked salmon with cappellini, cucumber and caviar, filet mignon Oscar topped with jumbo lump crab and Béarnaise sauce, accompanied by rice pilaf and asparagus. Also on the menu is chocolate mousse with macerated berries. Couples are encouraged to attend! Classes are $21 for members and $24 for nonmembers, plus $15 for materials.

Lastly, you can explore "Layering and Filtering Techniques for Digital Photography." Held on Tuesday, February 21st and the 28th from 6-8 p.m., this class will teach you the techniques you need to transform your digital photographs by using a variety of techniques. You will learn how to use layers to create a collage out of multiple images, add graphic shapes or text to an image, or create special effects like a drop shadow or glow. You will also be taught how to use adjustment layers to hold color or tonal adjustments that affect the layers beneath it. In addition to that, you will learn how to use filters to create a watercolor effect, lighting changes, and brush strokes. Some experience with digital photography is necessary for this class, which is $42 for members and $47 for nonmembers.

To sign up for any of these classes, please visit the ACAC’s website ( There is something for everyone, so why not go ahead and learn something new? As you can see, there are plenty of great opportunities to develop a new hobby this month! I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a wonderful month to come.

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