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Bibliography of Civil War Articles

By John A. Miller

This is a list of our resources that I used to write all my articles on the Civil War that you read on Emmitsburg.net. I thought I add these resources to the website in order for the viewer to see where I got my information. These all are very good books and writings that other authors have published and I highly recommend you the viewer to go out and find some of these books and read them. Because of the resources I was able to give Emmitsburg and Monterey its own history.

Manuscripts, Newspapers and Periodicals

Baer family papers of Jacob Daniel Baer, Monterey Battle Events

Valley Spirit Waynesboro Paper. November 23, 1886. Letter by David Miller, Monterey Battle Events.

Valley Spirit Waynesboro Paper. October 12, 1886. Letter by Charles H. Burman, Monterey Battle Events.

Crenshaw Battery, Pegram's Battalion, Confederate States Artillery: Graphic Account of the Effective Career of this Gallant Organization. By Private J. C. Goolsby.

The Emmitsburg Chronicle

Ironton Register, December 22, 1887 Narrow Escapes Interesting War Experiences NO. 58 by Joseph A. Lesage, Co. G., 1st W.Va. Cavalry.

William's History of Frederick County

Imboden, John. The Retreat from Gettysburg (1887). 

The Emmitsburg Historical Society

Emmitsburg as described in a letter Lt. William Ballentine 82nd Ohio Infantry 6/30/1863

Major Fredrick C. Winkler letters home, June 26 to July 8, 1863

Roster of Confederate Soldiers from the Emmitsburg Area

Emmitsburg Historical Society’s Archives of Cole’s Cavalry

Emmitsburg Historical Society’s Historical Photos

Captain Albert M. Hunter's account of the War between the Sates 1890

Thurmont Scrapbook (Emmitsburg Historical Society Archives)



Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Monument, Charles A. Donnelley Service Information.

North Carolina State Archives, Alonzo Barry Service Information.

Published Primary Sources

Dauchy, George K. Four Years with the Army of the Potomac Régis de Trobriand. 1888.

Alexander, Edward Porter.  Military Memoirs of a Confederate

Blackford, W. W. War Years with Jeb Stuart. New York, 1945.

Johnson, Bradley T. Confederate Military History Volume Two (Maryland and West Virginia).  Published Blue and Grey Press.

McClellan, H. B. I rode with Jeb Stuart, The Life and Campaigns of Major General Jeb Stuart. Bloomington, Indiana. 1959.

Meline, Mary E. & McSween, Edward. The Story of the Mountain. History of Mount Saint Mary's College and Seminary. The Emmitsburg Chronicle, Emmitsburg, Maryland. 1911

Neese, George M. Three Years in the Confederate Horse Arillery, Pelhams Battalion. Dayton Ohio, 1988.

Seabrook, William L. W.  Maryland's Part in Saving the Union.  William L. W. Seabrook. 1913.

United States War Department. War of the Rebellion. A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. 128 Volumes. Washington D.C. 1880-1901.

Articles, Magazines and Current Newspapers

Alexander, Ted. The Great Invasion. 132 years ago, Rebels were in Waynesboro. The Record Herald June 23, 1995.

Beauchamp, Virginia Walcott. The Sisters and the Soldiers. Maryland Historical Society Magazine, Vol. 81 No. 2, Summer of 1986.

Casey, Sister Eleanor. The Daughters of Charity of Emmitsburg & the Battle of Gettysburg.

Civil War Times Illustrated, Vol. XIII, No. 5, August 1974. “Around McCellan Again”, Brooksher, and Snider, David K.

Chrismer, Wayde. Emmitsburg Area in the Civil War. The Emmitsburg Chronicle, Emmitsburg, Maryland. 1977

Cracker Barrel, Vol. 17, No. 12, May 1988. “It was awesome! Hundreds and Thousands of troops moved Northward”. Schildt, John.

Helms, S. Sisters of Charity and the Civil War

North and South Vol. 2, No. 6, August 1999. “This was a night never to be forgotten”. Wittenberg, Eric

Preston, Robert M. The Great Fire of Emmitsburg.

Wireman, George. Catoctin Iron Furnace.

Cissel Anne W. Colonel John R. Rouzer An Extraordinary Man.

Cissel Anne W. Old Franklinville.

Cissel Anne W. From Mechanicstown to Thurmont.

Cissel Anne W. Thurmont’s Boys in Blue

Secondary Sources

Armstrong, Richard L. The 7th Virginia Cavalry. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1992.

Armstrong, Richard L. The 11th Virginia Cavalry. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1989.

Carmichael, Peter S. The Purcell, Crenshaw, and Letcher Artillery. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1990.

Chaola, James D. The 50th Virginia Infantry. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1997

Davis, Burke. Stuart The Last Cavalier. Bonanza Books, New York. 1957.

Driver Jr., Robert J. The 1st and 2nd Rockbridge Artillery. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1987.

Driver Jr., Robert J. The 1st and 2nd Maryland Cavalry. Rockbridge, Charlottesville, Va. 1999.

Driver Jr., Robert J. The 1st and 2nd Maryland Infantry. Heritage Books, Bowie, Md. 2003.

Frassanito, William. Gettysburg A Journey in Time. Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1975.

Frassanito, William. Early Photography at Gettysburg. Thomas Publications, Fairfield, Pa. 1995.

Gordon, Paul and Rita. Frederick County, Maryland Never the Like Again. M&B Printing, Frederick, Maryland. 1995.

Hartzler, Daniel D. Marylanders in the Confederacy. Family Line Publishing, Westminster, Maryland. 1986.

Hatch Thomas. Clashes of Cavalry Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 2001.

Longacre, Edward G. The Cavalry at Gettysburg. University of Nebraska. 1986.

Krick, Robert K. The Fredericksburg Artillery.  H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1986.

Longacre, Edward G. Pickett. White Mane Publishing, Shippensburg, Pa. 1998.

McLean Jr. James L. and Judy W. Gettysburg Sources Volume Two. Butternut and Blue, Baltimore, Md. 1987.

McLean Jr. James L. and Judy W. Gettysburg Sources Volume Three. Butternut and Blue, Baltimore, Md. 1990.

Martin David G. Gettysburg July 1st. Combined Publishing, Conshohocken, Pa. 1995.

Martin, David G. The Fluvanna Artillery.  H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1992.

Moore, Robert H.,II. The 1st and 2nd Stuart's Horse Artillery. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1985.

Moore, Robert H., II.  The Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Bedford Artillery. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1990.

Moore, Robert H., II. The Chew's Ashby Shoemaker's Lynchburg, and the Newton Artillery. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1995.

Moore, Robert H., II. The Danville, 8th Star New Market, and the Dixie Artillery. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va.1989.

Nanzig, Thomas P. 3rd Virginia Cavalry. H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1989.

Nicholas, Richard L. and Servis, Joseph. Powhatan, Salem and Henrico Artillery. H. E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1997. 

Schildt, John W. Roads from Gettysburg. Burd Street Press, 1979 

Sherwood, W. Cullen and Nicholas, Richard. Amhest, Albemarle, and Sturdivant's Battery.  H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1996.

Shue, Richard S. Morning at Willoughby Run. Thomas Publications, Fairfield, Pa. 1998. 

Trout, Robert J. Galloping Thunder, The Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion. Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 2002.

Trudeau, Noah Andre. Gettysburg a Testing of Courage. Harper Collins, New York, 2002.

Urwin, Gregory J.W. Custer the Victorious. University of Nebraska, 1983

Wallace, Lee A. II. The Richmond Howitzers.  H.E. Howard, Lynchburg, Va. 1993.

Wittenberg, Eric J. Gettysburg’s Forgotten Cavalry Actions. Thomas Publications, Fairfield, Pa. 1998.

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