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New town commission president chosen
Rittelmeyer to take over vacancy left by Kline

Pamela Rigaux
News-Post Staff

(12/28) Town commission president Dennis Kline resigned earlier this month and will be replaced by William Rittelmeyer.

Town burgess Don Trimmer confirmed Tuesday that Mr. Kline, a member of the four-member board of commissioners for 16 consecutive years and its president since May 2005, resigned at a Dec. 12 public meeting. His resignation takes effect Dec. 31 and Mr. Rittelmeyer will be sworn in Jan. 9.

"(Mr. Kline) is resigning because he's moving to West Virginia," Mr. Trimmer said. "He built a home over there and is moving."

When a commissioner resigns, the board fills the vacancy, Mr. Trimmer said. The president is always an appointed position; the board decides whom to elect, and is under no obligation to request resumes.

The public was made aware an opening existed at the Dec. 12 meeting. Two residents, including Mr. Rittelmeyer, expressed interest in filling the vacancy, Mr. Trimmer said.

Mr. Rittelmeyer, 49, impressed them as the stronger of the two because of his dedication and interest, Mr. Trimmer said. He has regularly attended meetings for the past 12 years and town officials believe he is knowledgeable about what the town is trying to accomplish, Mr. Trimmer said.

Mr. Rittelmeyer said while he doesn't bring any technical skills to the job, he is able to offer a perspective from someone who wasn't born in Woodsboro. This is Mr. Rittelmeyer's first time serving on the commission.

"I have a general, overall interest in the well-being of the town," Mr. Rittelmeyer said.

Former commissioner Roger Hub said the town will miss Mr. Kline.

"I think Dennis did a fabulous job. He was a real asset to the community. We will all miss him. (But) Bill's a good man," Mr. Hub said.

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