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Annexation will permit 13 homes

Ike Wilson
Frederick News Post

(8/23) Annexation of the Lawson property recently made this northern Frederick County town 10 acres larger.

Town commissioners at their Aug. 9 public meeting unanimously approved the petition to annex the property on the north edge of town, connecting to Copper Oaks residential development. The land will be used for proposed 13 housing units.

"It was a little piece that should have been annexed years ago but it wasn't," Burgess Donald Trimmer said Monday.

Before the vote, town commissioner Gary Smith asked for a two-year agreement requiring the builder to rectify any problems if something goes wrong within two years after the project is completed.

And two Copper Oaks development residents expressed concern that the project will only exacerbate a water runoff problem.

But project representatives said a storm water management system will be installed to remedy runoff problems.

Before unanimous approval by the town planning and zoning commission, a number of issues were discussed, including cutting back the Coppermine Road bank; developing an acceleration/deceleration lane; adequate sewerage; selecting proposed subdivision "option A;" water line loops instead of dead ends; an easement through Copper Oaks for utilities; access permit requirements with State Highway Administration; sight distances; a $2,500 per lot to cover water; lot sizes comparable to a half acre; consistency with Copper Oaks subdivision; storm water management pond issues; draining storm water away from the existing neighborhood; side-walk system and connections to existing town sidewalks; on site and access to the Israel Creek streamside buffer in the park; curb and gutter and streetlights con-forming to those in Copper Oaks.

Other early discussions included steep grades, sight distances, school bus stops, and development entrance requirements.

Turning the Lawson property into new houses comes on the heels of another new residential project — Woodbury development, a 37-unit single family housing development that is expected to be completed by year's end.

Burgess Trimmer guessed that the Lawson property development won't be completed until about two years.

Project builder is Lancaster Craftsmen Builders of Middle-town. Company president Mark Lancaster was unavailable for comment.

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