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Woodsboro agrees to annex land

Ingrid Mezo
The Gazette

(8/17) Woodsboro town officials agreed last week to allow a developer to annex 10 acres of property off Coppermine Road, known as the Lawson property, into the town.

The developers plan to build 13 single-family homes there, but still have to get permits for them.

Residents who live in a neighboring development raised concerns about stormwater runoff from the Lawson development onto their property, since their homes sit lower than the proposed development. They have been having problems with runoff from the undeveloped property already, they said.

But, developing the parcel of land may actually help solve some of the current runoff problems the neighboring residents are having, Woodsboro Burgess Donald Trimmer said.

The developer plans to put in a stormwater management pond that will help prevent the runoff from flooding the neighbor's yards, Trimmer said.

"I feel the stormwater management pond will eliminate some of the runoff that they're having now," Trimmer said. "This pond will be mainly to their benefit."

It will take a few years before the project is completed, Trimmer said.

In addition, the town is planning on changing its sign ordinance and will hold a workshop on Monday, Aug. 29 to discuss changes proposed by Planning and Zoning Coordinator Charles Heath.

"One of the things we're looking at is signs and billboards, and things of that nature being posted in the town," Trimmer said. "We have some signs up now for businesses that have been out of business for 10 years, so we need to take them down."

Town officials will also discuss what types and sizes of signs are permissible to put up in the town.

The town will hold another public hearing Sept. 13 before they officially amend the ordinance.

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