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Monthly Town Meeting - Oct 2001

David Vaughn was sworn in by Mayor Carr at the Town meeting on October 1. Commissioner Vaughn was appointed to fill the town council position vacated when Commissioner Chris Stahley resigned last month. He will serve on the council until elections are held in April 2002.

Town donates to VHC New York Family Fund

Mayor Carr presented a check for $1,000 to Vigilant Hose Company Chief Frank Davis for the VHCs New York Family Fund. In accepting the donation Chief Davis stated that the two-day drive netted over $25,000. The funds will be given to families of two fallen firefighters who died at the site of the World Trade Center. "Representatives of VHC will hand deliver the money to the families we are sponsoring," said Davis.

Tower Moratorium Extension

The council voted 4-0 to extend until January 10, 2002, the moratorium on communication towers within the town limits. The extension will give more time for the town attorney to design a draft ordinance. Commissioner Hoover called for a council workshop prior to designing the draft ordinance so that the council could have input in the early stages of the process.

Water system and possible annexation

Town manager Dave Haller told the council that the new water system will soon be online, raising the question of what is the best way to improve the water delivery service to residents on Mountain View Road who are outside the town limits. He told the commissioners the present water system is close to failure.

Mayor Carr said the town had two options. "We can annex the area, or we can make the repairs without annexation. Whichever we do, we want to work with the residents along Mountain View Road."

The council will meet to decide whether or not they are interested in annexing the area into the municipality. This decision will be forwarded to the residents of the area. The residents will discuss the matter and then inform the town of their preference. The commissioners will meet with the residents in November. The waterline will be started in February.

According to Linda Junker, representing the Mountain View Road residents, when the annexation issue was originally raised several years ago 93% of the residents were opposed to annexation.  Since then, there has been a substantial turn over in Mountain View Road residents, with 43% of the current residents new to the area since the annexation issues was last presented." said Junker.

In other business the commissioners:

*voted 4-0 to change the number of meetings held each year by the Parks Committee from twelve to four and to limit the membership to five regular members, rather than seven. Commissioner Sweeney, who has been on the Parks Committee for 5 years, said the parks are in good shape and that it was not necessary to have 12 meetings a year. Reducing the number of persons on the committee will make it easier to have a quorum, he said.

*announced that North Alley, running between N. Seton Avenue and Federal Avenue, will be paved. Contract negotiations are underway with the Frederick County Paving Company of Thurmont. It is expected that the paving will be completed by this winter and will cost $13,100. 

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