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Monthly Town Meeting - Feb 2002

Town officials passed a text amendment (4-1) to an ordinance at the January town meeting containing guidelines for senior citizen housing development in Emmitsburg. However, due to an oversight, it was not advertised 30 days before a vote was taken, so it will be on the agenda for the February 4 town meeting at which time public comments may be heard.

The amendment will affect the development of the planned senior citizen housing project to be constructed by Buckeye Development, Inc., of Frederick and located on South Seton Avenue on land southwest of the Community Center. The complex will consist of approximately 68 housing units which will accommodate between 125-130 people 55 years of age or older who are considering retirement or senior retirement homes. The cost of the two-story homes will be in the $130,000 range. Lot sizes will be 2,000 sq. feet gross less the square footage in the flood plain. The site was chosen because of the proximity to the Emmitsburg Senior Center located in the Community Center and to nearby medical facilities.

Commissioner James Hoover raised several questions to be clarified about the amendment. He voted against it.

Residents Alan and Rita Carroll, whose property adjoins the planned housing community, expressed concern about the possibility of the water runoff from the site as well as the water supply lines to the South Seton area, specifically to the housing site.

Town Manager David Haller reported that the town has established a fund to maintain and upgrade the water lines in the area. In response to the runoff question, Commissioner Boyle said that the traffic patterns on Cedar Ave, sidewalks, and water drainage have been noted and will be considered in future planning..

In other business the council:

  • passed the Communication Ordinance which would deal with any future communication towers built within the city limits;
  • was advised that the College Mountain Property transfer to the town could not take place until a conservation easement to the property was agreed upon;
  • bought back surplus water taps from Sunshine Development;
  • heard a proposal for service and maintenance of the town’s water storage tanks.

Police Report

During the month of December, there were thirty-one vehicle traffic stops made by members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, twenty-two of them by the resident deputies. This number does not reflect the stops made during a selective enforcement card. [A "card" is a folder or report describing a particular police activity/investigation.] Six cards were opened for selective enforcement using radar. Two cards were opened for follow-up investigations. Forty-two cards were opened for Patrol Checks in Emmitsburg, 14 by patrol deputies and 28 by the resident deputies. Seven cards were opened by off-duty officers working security at the Sleep Inn on weekends.

Since 9-11-2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked, members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s office and troopers from the Maryland State Police have been working around the clock to supplement the security force at FEMA. This has continued throughout October, November, December, and January.

A problem with the doors at the Community Center appears to have been corrected. County Maintenance has repaired the doors and the building has been found to be secure when checked.

Investigations included the following:

Commercial Alarm - 3
Assist Fire Dept. - 2
Assault - 2
Burglary - 1
Destruction of Property - 2
Disorderly Conduct - 2
Drug Complaint - 1
Juvenile Complaint - 2
Noise Complaint - 1
Request officer - 8

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