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Monthly Town Meeting - Feb 2001

The town council took another step towards the relocation of the town office from its present location on E. Main Street to the 3rd floor of the soon-to-be-renovated community center building located on S. Seton Avenue. The councilmen agreed to borrow the funds for the renovations through a 20-year loan carrying an interest rate of 5.75%. Town Manager David Haller estimated the town’s cost would be $1,402 per month. Legal costs for producing the Bond will not exceed 3% of the amount borrowed, approximately $6,600.

The loan will be obtained through the Local Government Infrastructure Financing Program which is run by the Community Development Administration, an agency in the Division of Development Finance of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

The new town offices are a part of a current plan to renovate the interior of the community center which will include a new library and office space and meeting areas for agencies and organizations presently using the building. The project scheduled to start this year is about a year behind schedule.

In other business the council approved Ordinance 01-01 clarifying the types of water meters approved for use and the procedures for installation of residential water meters. The council passed Ordinance 01-02, which set the connection fee at $3,000 for each new residential unit.

The council tabled and sent back to the Planning and Zoning Committee Ordinance 01-03 dealing with signage in the Village Zone. This ordinance is directed toward maintaining the historical value of the area.

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