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Thurmont budget cushioned
 with highway user revenue

Stephanie Mlot
Frederick News Post

(4/1) Continuing budget discussions yielded positive news Monday night when the town announced the addition of almost $85,000 in highway user revenue.

The town has been anticipating the money since funds began decreasing in fiscal 2007, when grants were reduced to help balance the state budget.

Now Thurmont has $84,750 that can be used toward local road projects or other municipal needs, about $70,000 more than the town anticipated, Commissioner Bob Lookingbill said.

The highway user fund amount has not been included in the draft for the fiscal 2011 budget, because the cautious mayor and board of commissioners are concerned the money could be eliminated at any time.

"It's the least (the state) can do (after implementing) the alcohol tax," Mayor Marty Burns said at Monday's town meeting.

The Maryland General Assembly approved an additional 3 percent on sales of alcohol, bringing the total sales tax to 9 percent.

The money will be used to restore cuts in various counties.

For now, Thurmont will sit on the highway user money, using it as a cushion for the already-balanced operating fund.

Public hearing date set

The May 9 town meeting will serve partially as the constant yield tax public hearing for the town.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m.

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