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Animal abuser returned to jail
 after missed appointments

Kate Leckie
Frederick News-Post

(9/26) A Thurmont woman previously ordered to spend 45 days in jail for animal cruelty gets to repeat the experience, a judge ruled Friday.

After her release from jail the first time around, Faith S. Kilby, 34, did not show up for two appointments with her probation agent, according to testimony in Frederick County Circuit Court.

She also failed to show proof she had obtained counseling.

During a violation of probation hearing Friday, Judge John H. Tisdale imposed the second half of a 90-day sentence he initially suspended.

A courthouse deputy immediately escorted Kilby to a holding area to make the return trip to jail.

Kilby's legal problems arose June 7, 2006, when a Thurmont police officer responding to a neighbor's complaint found the remains of Kilby's 10-year-old dog, Bear, decomposing in the family's backyard.

At first, the officer mistook the cocker spaniel's body for an old rug.

Originally found guilty in April 2007, a District Court judge granted her probation.

Half of a 90-day sentence was imposed in 2008 when Kilby failed to abide by conditions of Judge W. Milnor Roberts' probation.

At the time, Kilby's probation agent testified she completed only nine hours and 45 minutes out of 64 hours her court-ordered community service required.

She was late obtaining a psychological evaluation, and took in animals she was not supposed to have: two dogs, a turtle and a chinchilla.

Nor did she pay any of $290 restitution to cover the costs of the necropsy and disposal of Bear.

Found guilty Friday of violating probation again, Tisdale imposed the rest of her time.

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