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No replacement T-ball field for now

(5/15) Don’t look for a new T-ball Little League field anytime soon. The new field to replace the one lost with the construction of the new Thurmont Police station on East Main Street is not expected to happen this season.

“I worked with the town to replace it; however the two options didn’t work,” Thurmont Little League President Dave Little wrote in a letter to parents and players posted on the Little League web site.

The two considered locations were behind where the tennis courts used to be at East End Park and by the parking lot near the softball fields. The tennis court location was too wet and the parking lot location was considered too dangerous.
Thurmont Little League is going to develop property behind the minor and little league fields, but that could take some time not to mention money.

“In regards to the above mentioned property, I am going to apply for permits to at least grade the field and get it level; this will provide more space, but not actual fields. The next step will be to add fields, a very costly expense to do right. But this is in our plans, so please be patient,” Little wrote.

Thurmont Chief Administrative Officer Bill Blakeslee said the town had the fencing, backstops and benches from the T-ball field. “He (Little) knows he can get them whenever he needs them,” Blakeslee said.

The loss of the field comes at a time when the Little League program is expanding. This year there are 36 teams including an American Legion Baseball team age 19 & under that will begin playing in June.

“As you can imagine this is a scheduling nightmare for games as well as practices,” Little wrote. “I want to thank all the Managers/Coaches who work together to share the fields. I do realize that some people feel that the younger players get shortchanged on field space. Please keep in mind that all leagues and age groups are equally important, however it is much harder for an older team to practice without a pitcher’s mound or backstop (safety).”

Blakeslee also added that the town was assured the Little League could work around the loss of the field.

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