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What’s in store for Thurmont in 2008

(1/3)  With a new year comes New Year’s resolutions and new goals and Thurmont is not different from a person.

One change residents will see this year will be in the budget Mayor Martin Burns presents to the commissioners.

“Not that it wasn’t transparent before, but this will show a lot more detail to the commissioners and the public,” Burns said.

The budget will also project out the budget for five years.

Burns said his hope is to maintain the current tax rate or lower it to the constant yield rate. However, given the sewer issues the town is facing, he is not sure if lowering the sewer rate will be possible.

The town will also make decisions on whether or not to annex the Drees Homes property and/or the Lawyer Farm into town.

The town’s update of its master plan should also be completed this year, which will include a comprehensive rezoning of properties within the town.

“It will be interesting to see if those people who are against annexation are for rezoning in the town,” Burns said.

The new police building will be opening around the middle of the year, which Burns said should be a boon for the town and the new library should also open this year, which will bring more people into the town since it will be a regional library.

Thurmont Main Street Manager Vickie Grinder said in addition to the normal events Thurmont First hosts, she would like to add a town yard sale at the carnival grounds.

“Tourism is going to be one my main focuses in 2008,” Grinder said.

This will include producing a new brochure about the town with the tag line, “Get away to the gateway.” She is also working on obtaining grants and other funding for new signage to help direct tourism around the area.

“It’s going to be a pretty full year,” Grinder said.

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