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 Improving Thurmontís recycling

Wayne Hooper

(9/4) Hello again to those citizens who want to make Thurmont and the world a cleaner and greener place to live. We need to continue in our quest to make a difference with everything that we do. If we give up and let the status quo take over, we will see continuing higher costs for everything that we do.

In the upcoming year the Town of Thurmont's recycling initiatives will include some of the following programs:

1) Lawn Mower Swap Program - This is a program that allows participants to swap their polluting gasoline-powered mower with an electric-powered one for a significantly reduced cost. The committee is working on the details and info will be out before the spring season.

2) National Tree City Program - Planting program to see that hundreds of trees are planted around the town and park areas to help clean the air and beautify.

3) Community Gardening Program - This will start in the early spring with citizens being allowed to use space either in the parks or on land donated by property owners. This will help people with their grocery bill and help with the higher costs of food.

4) National Clean Cities Initiative - This is a program where cities and towns sign on to reduce their carbon footprint, This means that we have a plan to change over to more efficient, cleaner ways to do our daily tasks, either by the use of hybrid vehicles or electric vs. gasoline power.

5) Frederick County's Single Stream recycling - This will be setup by the county on their timetable to provide an easier way to recycle by not having to separate any of the recyclables.

6) Expand Mandatory Recycling Enforcement

These are only some of the things that we are looking into for the upcoming months, along wth our continuing effort to educate everyone in the importance of trying to save the town and the earth. Look for more info to come.

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