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Thurmont Police Building dedication

Stephanie Long

(10/2) After years spent operating Thurmont’s police force out of a 576-square-foot space attached to Thurmont’s town offices, the Thurmont Police Department has a new home that was dedicated at a Sept. 20 ceremony.

“This is a day that’s been long overdue but worth waiting for,” said Thurmont Police Chief Gregory Eyler. “We’re now in the century we belong in.”

Over 180 people attended the ceremony, including the Thurmont Board of Commissioners, Thurmont Mayor Martin Burns, Frederick County Commissioners President Jan Gardner, Director of the Department of Emergency Communications Clarence Jewell and other dignitaries.

A major proponent of the new building was the Thurmont Police Commission, which spent hours analyzing the needs of the police force to ensure the building would be exactly what the department needed, as well as making sure the project met its budget.

“The Police Commission did a lot of homework,” said Thomas Iaccarino, Thurmont Police Commission Chairman. “And we came in under budget, $80,000 under.”

The new building offers the department mainly what it didn’t have before – space.

From 576 square feet to 8,100 square feet, the new building houses three jail cells, which the department did not have before, a workout room, briefing room, proper office space and more.

“This is a proud day for Thurmont,” Iaccarino said. “This building will take us decades into the future.”

Burns shared similar thoughts. “It was so clear that we were so far behind the eight ball,” Burns said. “It’s not the Taj Mahal, but we have a very professional building.”

Attendees toured the newly dedicated building, and many were proud of the new facility and all of its many features. But one new feature in particular seemed to be the favorite among most – the jail cells.

Josh Solich, 8, from Thurmont, said his favorite part was the jail cells because they were “cool.” His mother, Traci Solich, liked jail cells as well, but for a different reason.

“I like that we actually have cells now. It feels like we’re more secure,” Solich said, referring to the fact that prior to moving to the new site those in custody were handcuffed to a chain on the wall as there were no cells.

As did others in attendance, Burns said the new building brought Thurmont something any town needs – pride.

“With the new library and new police building, there’s a greater sense of pride in Thurmont, we’re putting the right foot forward,” Burns said.

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