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Colorfest parking rates increasing

(2/21) The Thurmont Town Commissioners decided restructure how parking fees are charged during Colorfest weekend in an attempt to ensure that all of the town’s costs associated with the annual festival are paid for by festival attendees rather than town taxpayers.

Parking around town during Colorfest has typically been $5 with all of that money going to the non-profit sponsoring organization, such as the PTA. This fall, the commissioners will collect $2 per car as part of their parking agreements. The commissioners also recommend that parking cost $10, but that is up to the organization parking the cars. They can collect $10, pay the town $2 and keep $8 per car or they can charge less, but the town will still collect $2 per car.

“Charging $10 at this show is cheap compared to some of the other shows in the area,” said Commissioner Wayne Hooper.

The changes is estimated to raise more than $10,000 for the town, which will be used to pay for staff time to prepare the town parks, administer paperwork for the festival and pay for policing.

“Hopefully, it’s done well enough so we’ll break even its raining,” said Commissioner Glenn Muth.

The commissioners will also be reducing the number of buses that transport visitors from parking lots to the festival for additional savings for the town.

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