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Oland becomes town code enforcement officer

(1/3) Kenny Oland, a retired law-enforcement officer with 25 years experience, has been named Thurmont’s code-enforcement officer.

“I’ll be enforcing the municipal code and dealing with things like high grass, shoveling walks or abandoned vehicles to free up officers to do other law enforcement,” Oland said.

Thurmont Police Chief Greg Eyler also said that Oland “will be able to issue a municipal citation, if warranted, but he’ll also be trying to find solutions to problems.”

Oland will also be representing the town in court if the cases are contested.

“This position was needed,” Eyler said. “I tried to do it myself with [Administrative Assistant] Carrie [Stumpf]. The officers issued the citations and I would go to court on them. It took up hundreds of hours.”

Because some residents are chronic municipal code violators, Oland will identify these people and see if there is a solution that can devised to keep the residents from being continually fined.

“I wanted to still be involved in law enforcement,” Oland said. “There’s a need for this position and it allows me to give back to the town.”

The code-enforcement officer is a part-time position. Oland is expected to assume his new duties on Feb. 4.

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