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Catoctin freshman basketball goes undefeated

Emily Delauter

(3/6) The Catoctin High School freshman boy's basketball team finished the season as “king of the hill” with an undefeated season (16-0).

The players may be the new kids in the school, but they have grabbed the attention of many residents with their athletic ability. Many of the boys played on the same team throughout middle school. Now they have filled the positions on the ninth grade team and are “killing it” here at Catoctin High School.

What has made them so good? Is it Landon Routzahn with his high scoring in the paint and “And 1” baskets? Or is it Kellam Maxey's hustle and offensive input, or his twin brother Nick Maxey's nice shot? Is it Brady Ridenour and Sean Reaver standing over six feet tall, crashing the boards, scoring points and finishing assists?

The answer is, it’s all of them. They are not a one- or two-man team. Everyone contributes and does their part. The rest of the team contributes as well. They consist of Kenny Kober, Ben Tylicki, Austin Carter, Eric Barbour, Justin Tomansini, Zach Krietz, Brandon Hertel, Chris Wolfe, Devan Paterson, and Nick Krstanovic.
“Landon, Sean Reaver, and Nick Maxey were all great leaders. The team overall worked harder in practice than any team I've ever had. Our practices were more competitive than most of our games,” said Coach Kurt Stein.

The team’s biggest game of the season was a home game against their rival, Linganore High. This was also the last game of the season. The mothers of the boys on the team came into the gym to put up decorations and balloons to show their support. The previous game against Linganore had been a close one. Landon Routzahn had gone “coast to coast” and made a five-foot jumper with only four seconds left in the game for the win.

The future looks bright for the players.

“I think they'll do great at the varsity level,” Stein said. “What makes this group so different is how competitive they are. They won't settle, and will continue to have success. We have talked in length about the ‘C’ word (complacency) and they will not fall into that trap.”

The next few years should be exciting for the JV and Varsity coaches as the freshman boys move up to those levels. Who knows, maybe they will be the first guy's team to ever win a state title at Catoctin High School.

The Catoctin freshman boys basketball team finished the year with an undefeated season. Top row (l to r): Landon Routzahn, Brandon Hertel, Brady Ridenour, Coach Kurt Stein, Sean Reaver, Nick Krstanovic, Nick Maxey. Middle Row (l to r): Zach Krietz, Eric Barbour, Devan Paterson, Kenny Kober, Austin Carter, Ben Tylicki, Chris Wolfe. Seated (l to r): Kellam Maxey, Justin Tomasini.

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