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Thurmont enjoys its parade and carnival

(7/17) Though the annual Guardian Hose Company carnival was going on all week, on Thursday, July 10 downtown Thurmont visitors also got to enjoy the annual parade. People begin picking out their seats along East Main Street and North Church Street sometimes more than an hour before the parade begins. At the east end of town, floats, cars, horses, bands, and emergency equipment snake through the neighborhoods as they find their places in the parade line.

Cub Scout Carson Morrow, 9, of Sabillasville, was riding on the float for Cub Pack 270 for the first time. “Being on it for the first time, it’s kind of exciting and I get candy. It’s really exciting,” he said.

Carson’s fellow scout, 8-year-old Alex Mayhew had been in four parades and took everything in stride. “It’s still lots of fun even after four times. I like all the attention you get,” he said.

The parade lasted about an hour with adults waving as friends passed by and children scrambling for the candy those in the parade threw out.

“I like everything about the parade,” said Peggy Tobery of Thurmont. “It’s exciting, though I think they should cut back on the candy.”

So much candy is thrown to the crowd during the parade that not all of it gets picked up. However, any child who wants can manage to go home with a full bag.

Once the parade ended, many people headed to the carnival grounds to enjoy the food and rides there and to support the Guardian Hose Company.

“I come more often not that I’ve got kids,” said Allen Smith of Thurmont. “They really enjoy it and I get to meet old friends.”

The annual carnival is Guardian Hose Company’s major fundraiser for the year, usually earning them more than $60,000 to support their emergency operations.

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