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Myers Annexation doomed?

(4/19) It appears that although the Myers Farm annexation proposal was revised to make it more-appealing to town officials, that has not happened.

During the April 17 Thurmont town meeting, developer Tom Hudson asked the commissioners about how the process of hearings and votes would proceed since he had revised his plans for developing 188 acres north of Thurmont by dropping the 350 houses and townhouses from the plan.

“My opinion, I don’t think even with the modification I’ve gotten anyone to reach out and support making a change,” Mayor Martin Burns told Hudson.

Burns had said he was going to call Hudson because in his polling of the commissioners he found that, “A supermajority of the board would not be receptive and I’m not sure they would be receptive to any project.”

Since the commissioners would make the final decision on whether to annex the property, this means Hudson would be fighting an uphill battle to convince three commissioners to vote to annex the property.

Burns also said that the planning and zoning commission’s decision would be based on how Hudson’s proposal fit with the master plan and growth boundary.

“It doesn’t fit current master plan or growth bound and if that’s what we have to base it on, it would have to be denied,” Planning and Zoning Chairman John Kinnaird said later.

Following the meeting, Hudson had no comment except to say he had to consider what he had just been told by the mayor.

“He (Burns) sort of combined everything all along in one broad sweeping statement,” Kinnaird said.

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