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Kinnaird elected chairman of P$Z commission

Jeremy Hauck

(1/29)  John Kinnaird, vice chairman of the Thurmont planning and zoning commission, was elected chairman Thursday night.

Kinnaird said Friday that he has served on the commission for about two years. He replaces John Ford, who resigned Jan. 11.

Kinnaird, who called Ford "a guiding hand, a level-minded, fair member" of the commission, said before the vote last night that Ford had resigned for "personal reasons."

However, Ford cited in his resignation letter frustration with officials about the town's master plan and recent annexation requests. Ford also resigned from the town’s Ethics Commission and the Charter/Code Review Committee.

‘‘I find that I can no longer contribute effectively to the business of the town in an atmosphere where the honest, informed and dispassionate discussion of issues critical to the future of Thurmont is discouraged," Ford wrote in his resignation letter.

Ford had served on the planning and zoning commission for six years, he said. He was appointed to a second five-year term on Jan. 3, 2006.

The commission also promoted Randy Cubbedge to vice chairman. Ray Williams, Sandra Hunter and liaison Commissioner Ron Terpko make up the rest of the commission.

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