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People, art and food at Colorfest

Stephanie Long

(10/18) Thousands of people flooded into Thurmont on Oct. 13 and 14 to attend the 44th Annual Colorfest, an event that has grown from humble beginnings to gigantic proportions.

Originally Colorfest began when a small group of people gathered together in Thurmont to enjoy a nature walk and the changing of the seasons. Over the years it has evolved into an event that draws over 100,000 visitors and hundreds of vendors.

Vendors set up shop throughout Thurmont, selling everything imaginable in the crafts to food spectrum. Kathie Kaye was one of those vendors. Kathie sells her husband, Robert’s, handicrafts, glass etchings of different scenes, which she describes as “nautical and Eastern Shore-based art.” This was the first year Kathie attended Colorfest, which left her with mixed feelings.

“There’s a lot of people here, but it has not been real good today,” Kathie said, explaining that while some have stopped to look at her booth, not many have pulled out their wallet to purchase her husband’s art. Kathie remained optimistic though, hoping that Sunday would bring more business.

Perhaps she needed Pam Ahalt, of Thurmont, to stop by her booth. Ahalt, a.k.a. Shopping Nanny, attends Colorfest every year with one mission in mind – to shop ‘till she drops.

“I got here at 7:30 this morning and I’ll stay all day. I go through the whole thing. I buy my cider to drink in the morning and I have my cart,” Ahalt explains, looking at her Shopping Nanny license plate clad shopping cart full of newly purchased items.

For the past 7 or 8 years Ahalt has been attending Colorfest and purchasing items  to fill her self-proclaimed country themed home and this year was no different. By 4 p.m. her basket was quite full and she had plans for even more shopping before the weekend was over.

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” Ahalt said with a smile.

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