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Town looks to build new public works building

(4/5) With a new police station slated to be opened this year, the Thurmont Town Commissioners are now looking into building a new public works building.

A building committee has been meeting for the past few months to discuss and make recommendations to the commissioners on where a public works building should be located and how large it should be.

Don Tyler, a member of the building committee, said the committee had chosen a site on Moser Road next to the town substation. It is property currently owned by the town and would also be able to accommodate a building for a power generator if the commissioners decide to build a town power plant.

Tyler said the committee was now recommending that the commissioners hire a contractor to do soil borings.

“The bore samplings are going to tell you how much it’s going to cost you not if (you can build there),” said Commissioner Glenn Muth.

The proposed public works building would have about 13,500 square feet of space. Of that, about 11,000 would be equipment bays with doors on either end of the building to allow equipment to drive through. The remaining 2,500 square feet would be office space for public works branch heads.

“The type of building you need is almost a shell type of building,” Tyler said.
Mayor Martin Burns asked that the committee meet with the branch heads to make sure the building design will meet their needs.

Commissioner Bill Blakeslee also reminded everyone that NuTec Design, the company building the new police station, offered the town a free brainstorming session to talk about the public works building.

“It’s not going to cost anything to talk to them so I’d talk to them first,” Tyler said.
There is no planned start date for the new building as of yet.

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