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Police building could be done by summer 2007

Thurmont officials to award $1.75 million contract

Ingrid Mezo

(2/22) During the Thurmont town meeting Tuesday, town officials unanimously voted to accept the Thurmont Police Commission’s recommendation to build a Thurmont Police Building on their own, rather than partnering with Frederick County.

In addition, town officials voted to accept the Police Commission’s recommendation for an 8,100 square foot building, and to select NuTec Design Associates Inc., as the architectural and engineering contractor for the building.

NuTec’s cost estimate for the total budget of the building was $1.75 million, but Commissioner Glenn Muth reminded residents that that figure could change as the project progresses.

‘‘I’m considering we’re going to be saving over $100 [per] square foot," Commissioner Ron Terpko said.

The town had originally proposed partnering with the county to construct a building that would house both the Thurmont Police Department and Frederick County Sheriff’s Office substation. Cost estimates for the joint building came back in December much higher than what town officials had proposed in August. At that point, town officials said they would look into building their own police building.

In January, the town asked four architectural firms to provide estimates for the building.

While NuTec’s design cost estimate for the building was not the lowest the town received, its cost was competitive with the three other companies, said Tom Iaccarino, chairman of the Thurmont Police Commission.

‘‘Overall, they provide the best pricing for the overall project," Commissioner Bill Blakeslee said.

NuTec was the only company that included a detailed draft layout of the proposed floor plan for the building. NuTec is also the only company that has previously worked in Thurmont, and their reference checks were excellent, Iaccarino said.

NuTec’s proposal included a completion date of July 4, 2007 for the project.

In the meantime, the town will prepare a contract with Nutec, which should be ready in the next two weeks, Blakeslee said. Once that is established, town officials will have to agree on design plans, and will vote on approving the final cost of the building.

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