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Catoctin Mountain Park seeks name change

J. Mel Poole, superintendent of the Catoctin Mountain Park, appeared before the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners on May 2 to ask them to consider supporting a proposed name change for the park.

Park to be renamed to identify national status

Legislation (S.777) was introduced by Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes (D-Md.) on April 13, 2005, to designate Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland as the "Catoctin Mountain National Recreation Area." Changing the park's name will serve two purposes, according to the legislation: it will clearly identify the park as a unit of the National Park System (NPS); and it will distinguish the park from Cunningham Falls State Park.

The legislation states that "Catoctin Mountain Park is one of 17 units in the National Park System and 1 of 9 units in the National Capital Region that does not have the word 'National' in the title;" and that its history, uses and resources make it "appropriate for designation as a national recreation area."

Superintendent Poole told the commissioners that the park, consisting of 5,810 acres, receives an average of 700,000 annual visitors. NPS believes that the number of visitors would increase if it were made clear that the preserve is a federally designated recreational area.

Poole asked for a resolution of support from the town commissioners. The board unanimously approved the idea and Mayor Hoover asked Commissioner William B. O'Neil, Jr. to draft the requested resolution for the board's consideration.

Camp David Museum to open at Cozy Inn

One important component of Catoctin Mountain Park is Camp David, the presidential retreat.

On Sunday, May 15, the Camp David Museum will officially open to the public at the historic Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont, with a dedication and gala ribbon cutting ceremony at 5 p.m.

The museum will house the history of "Shangri-La-Camp David," including presidential memorabilia from Herbert Hoover to the present day. The press corps and dignitaries have given pictures and artifacts to the Cozy since 1929.

Richard D.W. Fulton and Joyce M. Demmitt contributed to this report.

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