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Thurmont Marine begins recovery from war

Ingrid Mezo

(9/8) A Thurmont Marine who was recently seriously injured in Iraq is now undergoing extensive recovery at the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.

Cpl. Adam Kisielewski, 21, had been in Iraq for one month when he and his lieutenant entered a booby-trapped school in Al Karmah, Iraq. The explosion killed the lieutenant and Kisielewski lost his right arm and his left leg below the knee. The bones in Kisielewski’s right leg are shattered, and his kneecap is completely destroyed. Two weeks later, Kisielewski is still pulling shrapnel from his body, his mother, Sandy Moran, said. Both of his eardrums were perforated, but he can still hear.

Kisielewski will have surgery every other day this week to treat his injuries.

His parents are grateful that he is still alive and expressed their admiration for their son’s concern for others during this time. Kisielewski’s mind is still intact, and he was not paralyzed by the explosion, they said.

‘‘His heart and soul is still there," Moran said. ‘‘...One of the first things he said was that he wanted to make sure all the guys were OK. And he wanted to know when this was all said and done that he was still going to be able to buy his wife a house."

Kisielewski just got married in June, before he left for what was supposed to be a seven-month stint in Iraq. The couple met while Kisielewski was stationed at Camp David for two years protecting President Bush. Carrie Kisielewski, who grew up in Thurmont, is the daughter of a former Marine who also once served at Camp David. The Kisielewskis had planned to buy a house in Thurmont once Adam came back from Iraq.

‘‘I think that one of the strongest reasons Adam will be able to overcome this is his wife, Carrie," Moran said. ‘‘He just lights up whenever she comes into the room. She convinced him that he was stuck with her no matter what, and they could still have a life together."

Carrie was still too distraught about her husband’s injuries to talk to the media, Moran said.

Adam Kisielewski grew up in Kenosha, Wisc., and joined the Marines 3 1/2 years ago.

‘‘All his life, all he wanted to do was be a cop," Moran said. ‘‘He thought joining the Marines would be the best way of getting there, but this has blown that door shut. But, I’m sure another door will open for him."

Moran originally did not want her son to ‘‘have anything to do with the Marines," she said.

Kisielewski joined up when he was 17, after convincing his mother that it was the best decision for him. He graduated high school a semester early and joined in March 2002.

‘‘I thought it was the best thing in the world," Kisielewski’s father, Dan, said. ‘‘I think he’s the best human being, and he will be stronger because of this. I think he will not only overcome these obstacles, he will surpass everyone’s expectations."

Kisielewski was always active and enjoyed outdoor recreational activities such as whitewater rafting, climbing, fishing and camping, and his parents are convinced that he will still be able to do those things.

‘‘He and I have an ongoing paintball battle," Dan said. ‘‘Maybe I’ll have a fighting chance now... Children are supposed to look up to their parents, but in our case it’s the other way around. He’s my hero."

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