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Incumbents unopposed in commissioner race

Ingrid Mezo

(10/13) Thurmont Commissioners Wayne Hooper and Ron Terpko will run unopposed in the town’s election Oct. 24, although there is a write-in option on the ballot.

‘‘I appreciate a chance to do another term for the citizens," Hooper said. ‘‘By not having anyone oppose us, either they’re happy with what we’re doing or they don’t care. And I’m hoping that they’re happy with what we’ve done in the past four years.

‘‘We’ve got a lot of big things coming up with the change of key personnel, updating the Thurmont Region Plan and hopefully a new town office. And we need to follow up and finish our sewer problems and fix those before we can move on to anything else."

Assuming he is re-elected, Hooper will begin serving a fifth term as town commissioner. He said one of his major objectives in the next four years is to ensure residents’ best interests will be met in the town’s region plan, which is scheduled to be updated soon.

‘‘I don’t want rampant growth," Hooper said. ‘‘We can’t handle it."

In addition, Hooper would like to see sewer problems and town lawsuits resolved, he said.

With 16 years of experience on the board, Hooper will be able to help guide the new employees who are replacing some of the retiring town staff, he added.

Terpko also said he hopes the fact that no other candidates were nominated to serve as commissioners during the nominating convention means that people of Thurmont are happy with the current board.

‘‘I just hope I get a second term in office because I’ve really enjoyed serving the people of Thurmont," Terpko said. ‘‘I realize that Commissioner Hooper and I are unopposed and I hope this means that people are satisfied with the progress we’ve made and the work we’ve accomplished. I hope this means they will be giving us another four years to accomplish that much more."

Terpko, who will serve a second term if elected, said he wants to see some of the projects the current board has started through to completion.

‘‘The sewer problem is the major issue that I’d like to see finished," Terpko said.

In addition, Terpko would like to see the board take more advantage of grants that are available for building projects.

Several town employees have recently retired or are planning to retire in the near future, and Terpko would like to ensure they are replaced with people who can provide the same excellent service for town residents that they have come to expect, he said.

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