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Weis Markets in the early stages of
planning a new Thurmont store

Chris Patterson

Weis Markets, a grocery store chain based in Sunbury, Pa., is in the early stages of planning a new store in Thurmont, according to town clerk Rick May.

The store is being considered for the area near McDonald's, at the southwest part of town.

Taking its first steps to getting approval for the store, Weis representatives are seeking text amendments to the town's site plan development standards. The changes would reduce the required number of parking places for commercial retail businesses and affect the distance a building may be placed from a waterway or flood plain, May said.

Weis has recently obtained a recommendation from the planning commission for approval of the text amendments.

The town commissioners are ultimately responsible for approving or denying the amendments to the standards and will hold a hearing on the possible changes at the Nov. 23 town meeting.

May said the proposed amendments would change the required parking spaces for this type of building from five-and-a-half spaces to four spaces per 1,000-square feet of lease space.

The changes would also require that a building be no less than 25 feet from a 100-year flood plain established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or 50 feet from a waterway, whichever is farthest, May said.

Since the Jubilee grocery store at Thurmont Plaza in the center of town closed some time ago, there has only been one grocery store in the town of 5,700 residents.

That store is located in the same part of town in which the Weis is being considered.

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