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Town adapts county ordnances on pet control

Tare E. Buck
Frederick News Post

The town formally changed its domestic animals ordinance Tuesday night, adopting the county’s policies on pets.

Additionally, a mandate was added for the removal of dog feces. Violators will face a $25 municipal fine per incident.

The new ordinance replaces one that had been on the books since 1986.

In other business, Town Commission Wayne Hooper reported that the Parks Commission is continuing to receive complaints about loitering at Community Park.

The commissioners discussed numerous solutions to the problem. Next week, they will consider whether to adopt a dawn-to-dusk closure, setting actual hours of use or placing signs that state parking, after dusk, is reserved for those using the tot lot or tennis courts.

Town Commissioner Ronald Terpko suggested that consideration also be given to those who use the parking lot for softball or the bowling alley across the street.

The town is also set to consider adopting a policy requiring developers to not only provide land for parks but also money in escrow for playground equipment.

The town will soon purchase equipment for a tot lot at Orchard Hills. Mr. Hooper said the expense paid to a land developer for such equipment would be easier to recoup than municipal funds.

Mayor Martin Burns and the board members who were present agreed that the idea is one that should be considered soon.

Town Commissioner Glenn Muth was out of town Tuesday night on business.

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