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 Residents ask town to address problem
 with loose dogs

Tare E. Buck
Frederick News Post

Unleashed dogs are becoming an unwelcome sight at a vacant lot along Redhaven Court, resident James Sager told the town commissioners Tuesday night.

"They run loose and no one picks up" their droppings, Mr. Sager complained.

Mayor Martin Burns advised Mr. Sager to contact police Chief Terry Frushour, but the town's officials were also told that there is nothing in the town's code that allows for fines to be levied against pet owners who don't clean up after their pets.

As the town's Charter Review Committee completes its work reviewing and updating the town's ordinances, Mr. Burns suggested it also look at ways to get a better leash on dogs, so to speak.

There is an ordinance mandating dogs in town not roam freely and be kept on a leash if not confined to their own yards.

The empty lot beside Mr. Sager's property is dedicated to be a town park, but the town has never purchased or placed any play equipment there.

"It's just a matter of getting funding for the equipment," Commissioner Wayne Hooper said.

Town administrator Rick May confirmed "the playground's never been decided."

"We need to identify some resources and do some planning," Mr. Burns said.

In other business, the commissioners are also switching Web site hosting servers, as the town's Web site is rarely updated with new content.

The town is likely to contract with a different company that will allow town employees and administrators to post their own content as well as links to other useful sites more frequently and at a cheaper cost.

The commissioners will meet again Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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