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Ed Hobbs to give up seat of Town Council

Vic Bradshaw
Frederick News Post

(10/13/2003) When it came down to it, Eddie Hobbs decided it was time to step away.

The longtime Thurmont commissioner said Thursday that he chose not to run for another term on the board weeks ago. He made no announcement, though, preferring to wait until last Monday's nomination meeting, just in case he changed his mind.

"I contemplated not running last time, too," said Mr. Hobbs, who assumed his seat on the board in October 1984. "It was timing, and I felt like I needed a break."

Mr. Hobbs, 47, said recent strife among board members may have influenced his decision not to run again. He and fellow commissioners Wayne Hooper and Kenneth Oland have found themselves aligned opposite Mayor Martin Burns and Commissioner Ron Terpko on a number of contentious issues during the past two years.

"Over the years, thereís always been some disagreements and different viewpoints," he said, "but nothing to approach what weíve had these last two years, at different times. At times it was a really rewarding job and really interesting to be on top of whatís going on in your community, and then itís a lot of aggravation to go along with it."

If he had run and retained his seat, certain election results might have left Mr. Hobbs in the minority on the board. Though that might have been an unfamiliar position, he said he understood the democratic process and could have accepted that situation unless he thought board actions were extremely detrimental to the town.

For now, Mr. Hobbs said, town politics will take a back seat to other interests. He said he wants to spend more time with his family and should tend to increased demands at Hobbs Hardware, the business he and his brother Mike own. He also said he'll attend more sporting events, particularly University of Maryland football and basketball games.

But Mr. Hobbs wouldnít rule out attempting a return to town politics. If the timing were right, he said he might seek positions on town committees or run for a seat on the board again.

"I think thatís possible," he said. "Then again, Iíll see how things go after Iím out for a while. Iíll see what it feels like to not have the responsibility."

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