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Developer Agrees to Fix Run Off
Problems in Pleasant Acres

Vic Bradshaw
Frederick News Post

(11/11/2003) For the first time in months, residents of a town subdivision appear to be on their way to having their lives made a bit more pleasant. Monday night, eight residents of the Pleasant Acres development heard words they’ve longed to hear. Dan Ryan Builders, the company that built their homes, will take steps to fix problems with sediment control and the overland flow of water through their yards.

The assistance offer from Ron Morris, a manager for Dan Ryan Builders, was a drastic change to the approach taken by Dave Warrenfeltz, the company representative at the previous meeting. Instead of defensively denying that the company was responsible for problems or liable for damages, Mr. Morris pledged to work with homeowners to resolve problems.

The sediment-control issue was handled quickly. Mr. Morris readily acknowledged that incorrect representations about Frederick County requirements were made at the previous meeting, and he said Dan Ryan would work with county officials to make sure sediment fences were properly replaced.

Mayor Martin Burns also quickly dispensed of issues related to standing water in yards. He said that after a significant rainfall on Oct. 29, water puddles weren’t visible in yards just 24 hours later. But the issue of water flowing from yard to yard in the development wasn’t as easy to resolve.

Mr. Morris said he would visit the development the next time it rained to see the problems personally. He also said he’d have an as-built topographical map made so the flow of water through the subdivision can be analyzed, and he seemed to indicate that Dan Ryan Builders might build swales to properly channel stormwater.

When residents questioned whether the company would be responsible for the cost of removing and replacing fences they’ve erected, Mr. Burns intervened. He said that because neither Frederick County nor Thurmont has regulations regarding how stormwater flows when it rains, Dan Ryan Builders hasn’t violated any regulation and isn’t legally bound to repair anything. He went on to say that homeowners may have to be willing to bear some of the costs associated with correcting the problem.

The town scheduled the next meeting on the issue for Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. at the town office building.

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