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The Silver Fancy Development
and its Impact of Traffic in Town


My name is Ed Smariga of Buckeye Development LLC. We are the developers of the proposed Silver Fancy community located on the north side of Emmitsburg. On April 29, 2003 the residents of Emmitsburg will have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether this unique community of top quality single-family homes and townhouses should become part of Emmitsburg.

There has been considerable "misinformation" regarding the Silver Fancy development. Over the next few weeks, we will provide you with more information on the development and its benefit to Emmitsburg. We believe that you will be able to make the best decision about the annexation if you are well informed. A yes vote on annexation will enhance the quality of life for everyone in the community.

A principle concern of many residents is the potential of increased traffic as a result of the Silver Fancy development and its impact on congestion within Town. To assess the impact of the development on traffic in Emmitsburg, Buckeye Development requested the Facility Design Group, Inc. of Frederick to conduct an independent impact assessment of the development on traffic congestion in town. Not surprisingly, the assessment found the average daily traffic increased between 1995 and 2001, and that a significant portion of this increase is a result of traffic to and from Pennsylvania. The report concludes that the cause of this increased traffic, and with it, the increased congestion in the center of Emmitsburg, is due to increased tourism and population growth in Adams County, as well as improved marketing of the ski and recreational areas in Fairfield.

The Comprehensive Plan for Emmitsburg seems to have anticipated this condition by calling for a northern bypass, which would connect the intersection of Tract Road and Route 140 with the intersection of U. S. Route 15 and North Seton Avenue. This bypass is now called Brookfield Drive. A yes vote will bring the Northern Bypass of Emmitsburg one-step closer to reality, and with it, a reduction of traffic in town.

Some of the opposition to Silver Fancy annexation is due to people who want Brookfield Drive to stay as a local road and not encounter additional traffic. When Emmitsburg residents hear the opposition speak against the annexation due to more traffic in Town, please consider the source of this comment and make your own decision as to whether the Town Comprehensive Plan should be followed by allowing Brookfield Drive to be completed

A portion of this bypass has already been constructed by Buckeye Development as part of Pembrook Woods development. An adjacent section through Brookfield subdivision is now being constructed. The approval of the Silver Fancy Annexation on April 29th will allow us to complete a third section of the bypass. Once the three additional parcels, which is the balance of roadway needed to complete the Northern Bypass, are negotiated, engineered and constructed, it is expected that traffic volumes in the center of town will decline substantially because some of the through traffic will opt to go around Town rather then through it. Please refer to the map on the reverse side.

As for traffic from the new Silver Fancy residents, one can safely assume that most will choose to go directly to Rte 15 rather than through a traffic light and slow urban traffic. In addition, once the bypass is completed, many other Town residents will opt to use the bypass for trips to and from Pennsylvania, Taneytown or Baltimore.

The Northern Bypass will significantly improve the quality of life in Emmitsburg with a marked decrease in traffic related noise levels as well as help bring back a more pedestrian friendly environment that was once Emmitsburg's signature trait. Imagine being able to walk down Main Street and hear the singing of birds without the incessant whine of endless traffic. While we can't promise a return to the peaceful days of old, the bypass will go a long way in bringing this once distant dream to reality. A historic town like Emmitsburg deserves no less.

If you also believe Emmitsburg deserves a return to manageable traffic, peace and quiet, we ask for your support on April 29th. Vote Yes on the Silver Fancy Annexation request.

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