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Tax Revenue Resulting for Silver Fancy Development

Ed Smariga
Buckeye Development LLC

It's been claimed by the opponents of the Silver Fancy Development that developments in general often use more town services, and thereby cost more to towns, than the tax revenue they bring in.

While this can be true for poorly planed developments, the fallacy of applying this argument to the Proposed Silvery Fancy development is clearly addressed in the official cost benefit analysis report prepared by the Town of Emmitsburg.  The report shows that new housing like what is proposed for Silver Fancy pay a lot more in taxes than the average existing house, while demanding fewer services in the short term because all the public facilities are new.   This detailed analysis compares the property tax for a typical existing home in Emmitsburg - with an average value $125,000 against the $200,00 average home price in the Silver Fancy development.

Multiplying the current property tax rate in Emmitsburg of $0.36 per $100.00 of assessed value, one can quickly see the proposed homes will have a tax yield return which is 160% as great as that of the existing houses in Emmitsburg - while drawing the same or lower level of town services!

Property tax returns from an average:


Existing Homes

Silver Fancy Homes

% Increase

















In addition to the value of the property taxes generated there are a few other factors, which should be considered:

The new homes will be paying $7,000.00 in water & sewer tap fees, A $1000.00 impact fee, and as much as $300.00 in a parks & recreation fees. A fee of which very few if any of the existing homes paid the town staff noted. When the water & sewer tap and impact fees are added into the property tax returns calculation noted above, the actual fees to the town totals over $1,000,000 and the property taxes over 20 years generate almost $2,000,000, for a total revenue to the Town of around $3,000,000.

As noted above, the proposed homes will be serviced by new state of the art water and sewer mains, constructed by the developer, which will require little or no maintenance for 20 to 30 years. Existing homes in Emmitsburg on the other hand are presently serviced by water and sewer mains, which are 40 to 60 years old and require constant maintenance, repair and replacement at a considerable annual cost to the town.

In addition, since it reasonable to assume that the $200,000+ price tags of the new homes will draw in resident with a higher per capita taxable income than that of the current income level of a $125,000.00 home. As a result, the town can also can reasonable expect increased revenue from the state income tax sharing and the county piggyback tax equity sharing, resulting in even a higher tax yield to the town.

When completed, the 160 new homes in the Silver Fancy development will result in, at a minimum, $1,280,000.00 total fees, to be paid to the town at the time the 'building permit' is issued. Money, the town staff has recommended be used mostly to fund the repair and reconstruction of the deteriorating town's water and sewer systems.

By approving the Silver Fancy Annexation, the residents of Emmitsburg will help the town receives the revenues it needs to finally begin to resolve the town's long standing water quality issues.

No longer will you have to boil water before drinking it, or run tap water through costly purification units. Instead, you'll be able to enjoy sweet, cool, clear water as the founders of the Emmitsburg Water Company 120 years ago intended you to.

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