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The Positives that Would Come From Annexation

Dan Reaver
President, Emmitsburg Glass Company

I have grown up and lived in this area for most of my life and with my brothers and we have built successful businesses here. I would hate to see Emmitsburg turn out to be another Frederick city, Olney or Germantown. But I do not think that Emmitsburg's charm and small town historic nature would be compromised if the town population would double "gradually" over the next 5-10 years.

I see a lot of positives that could come from this annexation and other annexations that most likely will follow, if the town has available water and sewer capacity. The businesses that are currently here could continue to grow. And if the population increases, this may encourage some new businesses to locate here.

The new taxes and fees that would come from annexation could help the town with the repairs and upgrades that are needed. The increased population may attract more businesses to locate here which in turn would pay more taxes. This would help to keep tax, water and sewer fees down.

A comment was made that Emmitsburg is growing too fast. I disagree. The population has only increased by 500 people in the last 20-25 years. The more people that move to the town, the more children, which could perhaps help with the return of our lost middle school.

Also I feel that with a larger population, the town and surrounding area would have more political clout in Frederick County. If the library renovation project for Emmitsburg does move forward, we will get the old furniture that was removed from the library in Frederick City. Possibly one day Emmitsburg could be home to the new Northern Frederick County Recreation Center or Up-county Recreation Center.

On the issue of increased traffic. Most comes from the Fairfield and Waynesboro areas. With all this new development that "will" be coming, I believe it may be time to revisit the Bypass options. Now is the time to begin to set aside the right of ways for the northern bypass before all of the properties on the north side of town are annexed and developed. Make the developers and builders pay for this by requiring them to place funds into an escrow account. With one or two new bypasses this would keep a lot of the traffic out of downtown as well as get most of the large trucks and noise off of our streets.

Dan Reaver President
Emmitsburg Glass Company

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