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 Vigilant Hose Fire Company
recognizes members

Ingrid Mezo

(1/26) The Vigilant Hose Fire Company in handed out various awards Jan. 7at the company’s 122nd anniversary banquet.

Douglas D. Orner and the late Guy A. Baker Sr. were inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame.

Timothy M. Clark won the Member of the Year award. John S. Hollinger won the President’s Award. Dave Smith won the Chief’s Award and the formal training award. Cliff Shriner won the in-station training awards.

The top 10 responders for this year were, in order, with responses indicated in parentheses: Cliff Shriner (216), Randy Myers (198), Dave Smith (192), Vance Click (179), Tony Kelly (166), Chris Hagemeyer (165), Frank Davis (116), John Glass (112), Paul Eyler (96) and David Stonesifer (95).

The following members received the top 10 length of service award program awards, based on total activities, with points given in parentheses: Dave Smith (128), Jim Click (126), Cliff Shriner (124), Frank Davis (119), Tony Kelly (117), John Damskey (104), John Hollinger (99), Vance Click (93), Bill Boyd (87) and Jason Powell (86).

Members who have served 25 years with the company receive a lifetime membership. Years of service awards were presented as follows:

  • 45-year service awards: James E. ‘‘Jet" Fitzgerald, Tom White
  • 40-year service awards: Eugene Myers, Larry Little
  • 35-year service awards: Monroe Hewitt, Charlie Champlain
  • 25-year service awards: Jimmy Glass, R. Wayne Powell
  • 20-year service award: Carl White
  • 15-year service award: Bill Boyd, Eugene Grimes
  • 10-year service awards: John Damskey, Mike Damskey, Tom Vaughn, Mike Working

Fire police response awards were given to Sam Cool with 120 responses, Mike Boyle with 94 and Paul Krietz with 62.

In addition, Vigilant Hose Company Auxiliary President Dorothy Davis presented the company with a $40,000 check to help fund operational expenses. Auxiliary members, who are family members and friends of fire company members, held fund-raisers throughout the year and collected donations from tip jars at The Palms restaurant in Emmitsburg to raise the money, Davis said.

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