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127th Vigilant Hose Company Annual Banquet

The 127th Annual Banquet of the Vigilant Hose Company was held on Saturday, January 8, at Mother Seton School. The company installed its 2011 officers, presented awards, and instated a new member of the hall of fame.

Bill Sanders received the President’s Award for 2010. Jim Click received the Chief’s Award for 2010 and Matt Volchansky received the Member of the Year Award for 2010.

The highest award presented at the annual banquet was the Hall of Fame Award. This year the VHC honored Larry Little by inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Larry joined the company in 1965 and according to was instrumental in starting up the company's food booth at The Great Frederick Fair, which is a "major source of income,"

During the banquet, Auxiliary President Shirley Little presented the Vigilant Hose Company President with a check for $30,000.

Also during the banquet, Length of Service Awards were announced. The included Length of service awards were presented to: Jef Fitzgerald and Tom White, 50 years; Larry Little, 45 years; Charles Champlain and Monroe Hewitt, 40 years; Jim Glass and Wayne Powell, 30 years; Carl White, 25 years; Bill Boyd and Tony Kelly, 20 years; and John Damskey, Tom Vaughn, Mike Damskey and Mike Working, 15 years.

The Length of Service Award Program is a voluntary program funded by the Frederick County Commissioners and administered by the Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association. The program is an incentive program for volunteer fire and rescue personnel to stay in the system. If volunteers stay active and trained for 25 years, then beginning at age 65 they receive a monthly payment for life. The program encourages volunteers to continue and to focus on maintaining their skill levels.

Top Ten Responder for 2010 were: Cliff Shriner, Frank Davis, Paul Eyler, Jason Powell, Randy Myers, Alex McKenna, John Glass, Carl White, Chris Ryder, and John Javor.

For 2101, the Vigilant House Company’s administrative officers are: John Damskey, president; Art Damuth, vice president; Steve Hollinger, treasurer; Bill Boyd, assistant treasurer; Steve Valentine, secretary; Tom Vaughn, assistant secretary; and Tim Clarke, John Glass, John Hollinger, Randy Myers, Doug Orner, and Dave Stonesifer, make up the Board of Directors.

This year's new line officers are: Frank Davis, chief; James Click, deputy chief; Chris Stahley, assistant chief; Chris Ryder, captain; and Chad Umbel, lieutenant.

Incoming fire police are: Paul Krietz, captain; Sam Cool, first lieutenant; and Steve Orndorff, second lieutenant.

New auxiliary officers are: Shirley Little, president; Diana Hoover, vice president; Jo Ann Boyd, treasurer; Joyce Glass, secretary; Mandy Ryder, financial secretary; and Shannon Cool, historian.

New explorer officers are: Angela Javor, president; Tyler Arrowood, vice president; Matthew Boyd, treasurer; and Chris McKenna, secretary.

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