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Videotape Celebrating Vigilant Hose Company 125th Anniversary

(7/10) Two local affiliates for the Vigilant Hose Company (VHC) Fire Corps are currently shooting footage for an upcoming DVD celebrating the theme of volunteerism and community service.

Conrad Weaver of Conjo Studios LLC and Dianne Walbrecker, Getting It Write LLC, are gathering stories from the men and women (and teenagers) of this community's fire department. So far, they have filmed 5 members and are planning to film at least 15 more over the next month.

"We want to see and hear the stories behind the names so we can understand their dedication. After all, these are the people who rush toward a fire or other danger while everyone else is running in the opposite direction," said Weaver.

"Many of these people in Emmitsburg have community service in their blood. Their families served with the VHC before them and they are carrying on a proud tradition," he said.

Volunteerism is the focus of the video, much as volunteerism is one of the features of Emmitsburg that most attracted Dianne Walbrecker and her husband when they moved here almost 20 years ago. "Vigilant Hose, with all its activities for the citizens, embodies the best of the tradition of giving back to your community," she said.

The video will showcase all sides of the fire department, from the youngest member to the member with the most experience who is still responding. (The term 'most senior' active firefighter was soundly rejected by those to whom it was initially applied!)

In addition to filming the Vigilant Hose Company members, Weaver and Walbrecker are also talking with members of the Ladies Auxiliary and the Jr. Fire Explorers. No story of a first responder organization would be complete, however, without details about those whose lives the members have touched. Two stories will be told in the videotape. The first is of a recent victim of a fire. Following a quick response by the Vigilant Hose Company, the community member was able to recover much sooner than he had expected. The second story is of a woman involved in a car accident on Route 15.

"We are using images and words to paint a picture of an organization that this town needs, respects, and is thankful for," said Walbrecker. Sponsorship packages are available for local citizens, businesses, or organizations to join in the chorus of appreciation for the Vigilant Hose Company on its 125th Anniversary. So far, several local businesses and organizations have expressed interest in becoming sponsors.

Sponsorships range from one Platinum Sponsor to an unlimited number of Bronze Sponsors. Each sponsorship package includes various benefits, from a logo on the front and back cover of the DVD and in the closing credits, plus credit given on all marketing materials (Platinum Sponsor) to the name of the company or individual in the closing credits and a complimentary copy of the DVD for all the Bronze Sponsors. Information on the cost for each sponsorship package and an application form are available at