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Volunteers make video about Vigilant Hose

Gina Gallucci-White
Frederick News-Post

(7/20) Conrad Weaver pins a mic on Sterling "Hub" White, a longtime volunteer with Vigilant Hose Co., before his interview for a 125th anniversary commemorative video.

Emmitsburg — When planning the upcoming 125th anniversary celebration for the Vigilant Hose Co., committee members had several ideas.

One called for a video to be produced, said Tim Clarke, public information officer. After getting approval from members, the company decided to explore how to get it made.

They did not have to look far.

The company participates with the Emmitsburg Ambulance Co. in the Fire and EMS Corps program. The program finds tasks for people who want to help but do not have the time or training to become a first responder. For example, people donate time in areas in which they have a talent, such as making craft items for sale or using computer skills to keep records.

Conrad Weaver and Dianne Walbrecker volunteered to help produce the commemorative video.

Weaver is the owner of Conjo Studios LLC, a videography services company. Walbrecker is the chief executive officer and founder of Getting It Write LLC, which offers writing services, support solutions and training to clients.

"I was glad to donate my time," Weaver said. "I just thought it was an interesting story, and I like telling stories."

Walbrecker was unavailable for comment.

The DVD will focus on the theme of volunteering and community service.

They have done several interviews with a wide range of people, Weaver said. Some members have been interviewed, including John Hollinger, who has been with the company for more than 60 years. He told about the earlier days of the fire company and how some volunteers would get frostbite responding to a call in the winter because the fire engine did not have a cab to protect them.

"We are excited to tell their stories," Weaver said.

But the DVD will not just feature interviews with company members.

They also spoke with community members such as Bob Hance of the Carriage House Inn and Stephanie Harbaugh with The Ott House.

Hance described how company members stayed and helped clean up the restaurant after the sprinklers went off to stop an after-hours fire in the restaurant last year.

The Ott House is neighbors with the company and even has a fire alarm light inside to let members know when an emergency has been called in. Harbaugh talked about how it is normal to see a table full of members one minute and empty the next after the alarm goes off. Employees will box up firefighters' food and keep it for them to have when they get back.

They anticipate doing several more interviews over the coming months.

While the two are donating their time, they are seeking sponsors to cover the cost of making about 200 copies of the DVD. A portion of the sales will go back to the fire company.

Members will be able to get the video and have it as a keepsake, Clarke said. Twenty to 30 years down the road, they will be able to play it and remember how the company evolved over the years.

The video will be completed by November, and Weaver hopes to speak with public access television about the possibility of airing the video.