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EBPA elects new leaders

Ed Waters Jr.
Frederick News-Post Staff

(5/23) The Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association has new officers and heard about the local Lions Club at its meeting Tuesday night.

Denise Etris, president of the Emmitsburg Lions Club, explained the many projects and fundraisers the club has each year. Bob Hance, newly elected president of the Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association, said his group and the Lions Club were working together to bring more youth activities to the town.

"Fairfield (Pa.) has a lot of activities for youth. We need more here in Emmitsburg than just kids playing Nintendo," he said.

Etris said the Lions Club's biggest event is the annual Community Day, held the Saturday before the Fourth of July. It will feature fireworks, children's activities and more. The club also holds a health fair each year, which benefits many uninsured residents of the area with low-cost blood work. The club also has a Christmas party that draws more than 125 children.

The Lions are known for their work in helping the blind, which goes back to 1925, Etris said. At that time, Helen Keller spoke to the International Lions Club and challenged it to become "knights for the blind in the crusade against darkness."

The club also helps those with hearing problems and helps provide disaster relief, she said.

"We have 25 members, but only about 14 active ones. It is a lot of work for those 14 all year," she said.

In talking to the group, Etris said it was fitting that the Lions Club was launched by a Chicago businessman who believed the businessowners needed to establish a group to make the communities they were in a better place to live.

Joining Hance on the board of the business and professional group are Conrad Weaver, vice president, Chris Ohanian, second vice president, and Allen Knott, treasurer.

The group discussed ways to promote eco-friendly trends in the town, especially in saving rainwater for re-use to irrigate lawns.

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