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Upcounty becomes county agency

Stephanie Long

(7/7) A local agency is transitioning to a county agency, adding to the list of Frederick County services.

Up-County Family Support Center, a local non-profit aid agency that serves Northern Frederick County, will officially become a county agency in January 2009. The Frederick County Commissioners set aside $78,500 in the fiscal year 2009 county budget to fund the agency.

The change comes on the heels of a nationwide economic change and Up-County’s’ loss of its current sponsor, Catholic Charities.

“They have been a great sponsor, but they couldn’t fund us,” said Liza Frye, director of Up-County.

All of Up-County’s employees will stay on when the change occurs, Frye said, and will become county employees.

Although other aid agencies exist in Frederick County, Up-County’s mission will not change, Frye said, and they will continue to serve Northern Frederick County and “the community in the same way.”

Although Frederick County intends to fund the agency $78,500, Frye said future “upgrades” to the budget will be needed.

The town of Emmitsburg may step in to help Up-County meet some of its budget needs. An annual restricted use donation of $24,000 may be given to Up-County from the town that could be used for programs or equipment, but no operating costs.

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