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Fire/EMS Departments Seek Community Help

(6/22) Since September 11th, fire and ambulance service departments all across the nation are struggling with increased demands for service coupled with reduced funding. In order to respond to these increasing demands and provide more services to the community, the Vigilant Hose Company and Emmitsburg Ambulance Company have established a Fire/EMS Corps and registered it with the U.S. Citizens Corps.

Fire Corps creates opportunities to be Friends of the Fire and EMS Services and to give back to their community by providing non-emergency assistance to Vigilant Hose Company and Emmitsburg Ambulance Company. From information technology, website maintenance, vehicle maintenance, assisting with fund-raising dinners, administrative and record-keeping and a host of other ways, you can help your community become safer and better prepared for natural disasters, terrorist threats and other emergencies.

Vigilant Hose Company President Art Damuth said, "The Fire Corps unit will be helpful friends to the department. We have already had expressions of interest from the community, and our members are excited to get this assistance."

And, Mary Lou Little, spokesperson for the Emmitsburg Ambulance Company said, "These units will be a great help to both departments and a benefit to improved community service and safety."

Fire Corps, a component of the Department of Homeland Security Citizens Corps program, is a national grassroots effort to increase the capacity of volunteer and career fire and EMS departments through the use of community volunteers in non-emergency support roles.

For more information or to become a Fire/EMS Corps volunteer contact:

  • John Hoyle, Vigilant Hose Company - 301-447-2728
  • Mary Lou Little / Rick Sharer - Emmitsburg Ambulance Company, 301-447-6626.