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The World Weightlifting Championships
A Huge Success

(7/9) The 7th World Weightlifting Championships for University and College Students held at Mount Saint Mary's University, Emmitsburg, MD on June 30 - July 3rd was characterized by Dr. Tamas Ajan (President of the International Weightlifting Federation and Member of the International Olympic Committee) as the best organized event he has attended in his forty years of service at the international level. Dr. Ajan went on to support his bold statement by adding "there was not a single problem through out the competition, which is very unusual, especially on the first day of competition". These comments were made at the Closing Awards Banquet the evening of July 3..

Mr. Cady, the Event Director, stated that the following highlights made this event such a huge success.

  1. There was not a single injury. Weightlifting is the third safest sport among the forty-five Olympic sports. Only badminton and table tennis have fewer reported incidents requiring medical treatment.
  2. A record 138 athletes from 28 countries registered to compete. This number was shy of the 175 goal stated by Event Director Cady, but he stated his goals are always set high.
  3. The USA Men's Team won its first World Title while the Women's Team placed second.
  4. Danica Rue, a USA team member from New Jersey, won the first Gold Medal for an American in the World University Championships. Danica was also selected as the Best Female Athlete for the event.
  5. The Mount Saint Mary's University facilities and services were unparalleled by any organization, according to Event Director Cady, in his forty years of hosting competitions. Also, many foreign visitors acclaimed that The Mount was "the most beautiful college campus" they have ever seen.
  6. The hospitality extended by the citizens of north Frederick County in general and by Emmitsburg in particular was considered by all as outstanding. The "Taste of Emmitsburg" hosted by the town and many of its food vendors and restaurants received the highest marks.
  7. The dignitaries that were lodged at the Cozy Inn in Thurmont marveled at its unique characteristics, superb food and courteous services. The Cozy staff could not have done a better job of reinforcing the American tradition of welcoming foreign guest with open arms.

Mr. Cady praised the volunteers and sponsors. Without them, this event would not have taken place and these achievements could not occur in Frederick County. The army of nearly 100 dedicated and selfless workers tirelessly committed their skills and energy to the success of this competition for months prior to the event, during the event and some after it was over. A wise person who understood the true nature of volunteers once said, "volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are invaluable". Truer words were never spoken about our good-hearted workers.

The financial support and services in kind of the 50 plus sponsors was absolutely essential. Countries, other than the USA, fund the hosting of international and national Olympic sporting events. In the USA, the private sector finances the entire event costs from bid fee ($5,000 for this event) to transportation to and from the airports. All funds remaining after bills are paid will be donated to the Maryland Sheriffs' Youth Ranch. Remember, Americans send our athletes to Olympic competitions, not America.