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The Proposed Regional Library ...
Once Again Emmitsburg is Only an Afterthought

Don Rodgers

I  am surprised that this is the first time I have heard anything about the regional library. I don't read the Frederick News Post but I do read the Emmitsburg Dispatch and don't recall seeing anything about the new regional library in that paper. Evidently it has been in the planning stage for quite some time but only comes to light when it appears that the funds may be cut and construction delayed. It seems that the County Commissioners and/or Thurmont would rather keep it quiet so their plans are not challenged.

The author of the article, James Wilkins, Jr., speaks of how important the library is to the children but many children in  the Emmitsburg area will be deprived of activities at the library because the parents will find it very inconvenient to drive the round trip of 16 miles.  
Not being a resident of Frederick County I have no real voice in such matters but I think the people of Emmitsburg should have more concern about a regional library going to Thurmont than they did about the recent controversy of when the town was founded.
50+ years ago, when my father, Thornton Rodgers, was mayor, I often heard him say that Frederick had great difficulty in recognizing Emmitsburg as part of the County. He may have used slightly stronger language but his point was that Emmitsburg was thought of as the "end of the line" -- there was nothing to the north or west except Pennsylvania and little to the east except Carroll County. Now, it seems, that attitude hasn't changed very much.