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Phiel, Martin and Qually win
County Commissioner's Race

Local incumbents hold their ground

(11/9) Two Republicans were elected out of three available seats on the Adams County Board of Commissioners, while maintaining or gaining control of virtually every other available seat in the county government, according to unofficial tallies.

Commissioner Republican candidates Randy Phiel and Jim Martin easily captured two of three seats on the county Board of Commissioners, with Democrat Marty Qually.

Losing in his bid was Democrat Paul Kellett.

By law, two seats on the board must be filled by one party while the third must be filled by the opposing party. The previous board was also dominated by Republican party members.

Phiel gained an early lead and maintained it throughout the evening, garnering a final (unofficial) vote count of 8,125. Likewise, Martin placed second early on and maintained that position throughout the evening with a final vote of 7,921.

Qually maintained an unwavering third place throughout, finishing with 5,757. Kellet remained not far behind with 5,455.

Among the Adams County local municipalities covered by the Emmitsburg News-Journal:

Carroll Valley Borough Council had four seats open. There were a total of 1,135 cast for those seats.

Incumbents Neal E. Abrams (R) received 302 votes, or 26.61 percent of the votes cast, Tammy Lytle (R) received 273 votes, or 24.05 percent of the votes cast, and William K. Reinke (NPA) received 244 votes, or 21.50 percent of the votes cast.

Janis Ashman (R) received 300votes, or 26.43 percent of the votes cast.

In addition, Phyllis Doyle (R), with 325, defeated Donna DesPres (D), with 149 votes, for borough tax collector. There were also five write-ins for that position.

Fairfield Borough Council had four vacant seats to fill. There was a total of 259 votes cast for those positions.

Incumbent Patricia T. Smith (R) was re-elected with 93 votes (35.91 percent of the votes cast), while incumbent Carroll B. Smith, Jr. (R) was re-elected with 90 votes (34.75 of the votes cast). The write-in total amounted to 76, or 29.34 percent of the votes cast, with no definitive word on who received those votes as of election night.

In addition, Tracy Paul (R) was elected borough tax collector with 106 (98.15 of the votes cast), while there were two write-in votes for that position. Voters cast 108 votes regarding that position

The Hamiltonban Township Board of Supervisors had two six-year terms open and one two-year term. A total of 861 votes were cast for the six-year seats and 404 votes were cast for the two-year seat.

Incumbents prevailed in all cases, with Bob Gordon (R/D) garnering 310 votes, or 36 percent of the votes cast. Coleen Reamer (D) received 261 votes, or 30.31 percent of the votes cast, pending write-in counts.

Challenger Edward Deardorff (R) was defeated with 225 votes, or 26.13 percent of the votes cast. There were also 65 write-in votes, with their disposition unavailable election night.

Incumbent Harry Rood (R/D) maintained his two-year seat contested only by 41 write-in votes. He received 363 votes or 89.85 percent of the 404 votes cast for that position.

The position of township auditor received 17 write-in votes, with no named candidate running.

Edward Crisp (R/D) received 397 votes, or 99.50 percent of the votes cast, being contested by only two write-in votes.

All votes posted by Adams County are considered unofficial as of election night.

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