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Run Away with the Circus
 at the Majestic Theater!

(1/8) The Moscow Circus will amaze you on Thursday, February 11 at 7:30 p.m. with its astonishing feats of aerialists, gymnasts, contortionists, musicians and clowns! Direct from Moscow and staged by Emmy-Award winning producer Sasha Vosk, this company of 25-and one phenomenal dog- will steal your heart away and make you want to run away with the circus.

"The Moscow Circus is the perfect pill to chase away the winter blahs. These amazing performers will have everyone in your family cheering, laughing and gasping. You can't see it at home because this show is too big for T.V.", exclaims Jeffrey Gabel, Founding Executive Director of the Majestic Theater.

Since Moscow Circus started its world-wide tours some 50 years ago, it has been thrilling audiences of all ages. Death defying acts, beautiful artistry and humor will allow you to experience one of the crown jewel of Russia's rich cultural heritage. With its rich tradition and enviable reputation, the Moscow Circus continues to be the standard by which other circuses are judged. The skill of the performers will keep you at the edge of your seat along with the beauty of the costumes and the talent of the live musicians who accompanied the show.

The circus became hugely popular with the Russian people in the 19th century, rapidly becoming one of the chief forms of entertainment. The Old Moscow Circus was founded in 1880, in response to the huge popularity of the art form, and quickly became the most respected and loved circus in Russia. After the turmoil of the 1917 revolution, the founding fathers of the Soviet Union quickly recognized the circus' importance. It was truly popular - egalitarian - form of entertainment, enjoyed by all, regardless of race, language, age, education or class. Requiring great skill, benefiting from creativity and originality, circus nevertheless needs no sophistication.

Through the establishment of state circus schools in Moscow in 1927 and and later other major cities, circus developed in quality and on a scale unknown in other countries, and from 1950`s became a highly successful cultural export, making frequent tours to the United States and Europe. The Moscow Circus has continued to thrive, recently celebrating its 120th anniversary.

The Moscow Circus tickets are priced from $41 to $37 (taxes and fees included) and students/children $5.00 discount for reserved seating. To purchase tickets, visit, call 717-337-8200, or stop by the Box Office, 25 Carlisle Street, Gettysburg. The Box Office is open Monday through Saturday from Noon until 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday from 3:00 to 7:30 p.m.

The Majestic Theater at the Jennifer and David LeVan Performing Arts Center is owned and operated by Gettysburg College as a cultural resource for its students and the community.

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