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Fairfield Fire & EMS presents awards

(3/12) The Fairfield Fire & EMS presented their 2011 recognition awards March 10 at their annual banquet held at the fire house in Fairfield Borough.

Around 200 attendees packed the meeting hall-turned banquet room, including state Representative Dan Moul, Fairfield Borough Mayor Robert Stanley and Carroll Valley Borough Mayor Ronald Harris, as well as a number of other dignitaries, and area police officers.

Fairfield Fire & EMS firefighters, which provides coverage to the boroughs of Fairfield and Carroll Valley, and Hamiltonban, Liberty, and Highland townships, responded to 185 calls in 2011.

Five firefighters were recognized at the ceremony and banquet for the number of times they responded to emergency incidences during 2011.

Leading the charge was firefighter Bill Jacobs, who responded to 88 percent of the fire calls, representing 161 responses.

Adam Jacobs was the second highest responder, responding to 68 percent of the calls, representing 126 incidences.

The next four highest responders (two were tied) were department Engineer Ken Kepner with 122 responses, James Moe and Jesse Sanders, each with 77 responses, and Bob Hardman, Jr., with 73 responses.

The top three fire police responders were also recognized during the event.

Fire Police Captain Chuck Schussler topped the list with 112 responses, followed by 'A.J.' Aldrich with 61 responses and Roger Miller with 54 responses.

The Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to firefighter Charles Haynes, who has also helped maintain the firefighting apparatus, saving the department money in maintenance costs by helping to avoid having to send the equipment elsewhere to be serviced.

The Chief's Award was presented to firefighter Adams Jacobs, whom, Chief Kevin Koons stated, "seemed to ride the wave and continued to ride it without falling off" during this past year's internal, administrative upheaval which ultimately resulted in the department removing three of its officers.

Training recognition awards were presented to five individuals in the company.

The member garnering the most training time in 2011 was James Moe, who completed 353 hours of emergency medical and firefighting training.

Runners-up included David Metz with 213 hours of training, Adam Kuykendall with 172 hours, Bill Jacobs with 166 hours, and Patrick Henry with 165 hours.

Fairfield Fire & EMS President Robert A. Fitez, Sr., presented the opening remarks at the awards ceremony portion of the banquet, followed by the invocation offered by Chaplain Walter M. Barlow.

The banquet was catered by Taverna 5450, Carroll Valley Borough, owned and operated by Nick and LaShay Kalathas.

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