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Borough hall ‘falling apart’

(10/10) Carroll Valley Borough Mayor Ronald J. Harris asked the borough council at their October 9 meeting to form a committee to access damages to the borough hall, stating, "The building is falling apart."

The Carroll Valley Borough office, located at 5685 Fairfield Road, serves as home to the borough administrators and police department, and also houses the public meeting room.

Harris presented a number of slides that revealed damage to the structure caused by weather and age that has accrued over time, which included roof leakage.

Borough hall began its life as a snack bar in the 1960s, which had reportedly been constructed in association with a putt-putt golf course, according to Harris.  Thus far, photographs of the old snack bar, or even its name, have not surfaced.

The borough, which was incorporated in 1974, acquired the snack bar and made it their borough office in 1977.  In 1987, the building was expanded to include the public meeting room.  However, an initial expansion may have also occurred earlier and might have included the main hallway, bathrooms and the police squad room.

Harris has had a difficult time documenting the evolution of the present building, since all of the construction was apparently carried-out by volunteers.

The council, by unanimous consent, agreed to establish a building committee at their October meeting to evaluate options regarding what could be done to address existing and potential future damages.

In addition to the physical damage sustained over time, Harris pointed out that there is no real on-site security, and inadequate staff, police, and storage space.  He also said the IT (computer and communications) equipment cannot be environmentally controlled.

Harris suggested the committee be prepared to evaluate options and costs to address the state of the office, adding on a suggestion by Borough Manager David A. Hazlett to include suggestions as to how the costs would be paid.

A number of the council volunteered to serve on the committee, as well as Harris and Hazlett.

This is not the first time the state of the borough building has been considered.  Several years ago the council looked into their options, which included repair, replace, or relocate to a different building.

The effort dropped by the way when a move to another building proved problematic.

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