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Fairfield Notes

(4/2011) The new wastewater treatment plant that Fairfield Borough was ordered to build has been sent out for bids. The submitted bids will be opened on April 4 with a groundbreaking on the project expected to be sometime in May.

Related to this, water and sewer rates will be going up 10 percent. The increase in the sewer rate is needed in order for the borough government to be able pay off the loan. Two-thirds of the multi-million-dollar project is funded by the federal government, but that still leaves a substantial portion that the borough needs to pay for. The water lines need to be replaced because they are old and developing too many leaks.

Fairfield Borough Council President Pat Smith noted that it has been four years since the rates were last raised. We held off because we were in a positive cash flow and had no major projects planned, she said.

Borough considering event ordinance

With Gettysburg Bike Week planning on moving from Gettysburg to Granite Hill Camping Resort just outside of Fairfield, the Fairfield Borough Council is considering passing an event ordinance in the hopes of heading off any problem that having thousands of motorcyclists staying in nearby .

The council members are looking at the ordinances passed by other townships in the area in order to pick and choose the elements they like.

One thing the council has been told that the borough wont have to worry about is a motorcycle parade through the borough. The event organizers has told them that the plan is to still have the parade in Gettysburg.

Bike Week is scheduled to be held July 7 to 10.

Temporary parking restrictions in April

Parking will be restricted in Fairfield Borough during the Civil War 150th Anniversary activities on April 22 and 23. On Friday, April 22, no parking will be allowed along either side of Main Street from Fifth Street to Spring Street. On Saturday, April 23, no parking will be allowed on Main Street from North Miller Street to Spring Street.

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