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County Commission candidate face of at Fairfield fire hall on May 4

(5/1) Find out what the ten candidates for Adams County Commissioner think about the subjects that are important to you at a commissionersí candidate forum on Wednesday, May 4 at 7 p.m. The candidates will face the public at the Fairfield Fire Hall in Fairfield.

Though all the candidates havenít RSVPed yet, Carroll Valley Mayor Ron Harris, who will be one of the moderators, said, "We know most of them will be there and we are hoping all nine will be."

Running in the Democratic Party Primary are: current County Commissioner Lisa Moreno Woodward of Mount Joy Township, Marty Qually of Cumberland Township, Carlotta Chucki Strevig of Union Township, and Paul Kellett of Freedom Township.

Running in the Republican Party Primary are: current County Commissioner George Weikert of Cumberland Township, Keith Stanley of Mount Joy, Randy Phiel of Cumberland Township, David Reindollar of Cumberland Township, David Lawrence of Littlestown, and Jim Martin of Biglerville.

The first part of the forum will include candidates responding to pre-selected questions from the moderators. "We e-mailed all of the candidates the questions so they wonít be caught off guard," said Fairfield Mayor Robert Stanley, who will be one of the moderators.

The first question the candidates will address regards the reassessment of properties last year in Adams County. This reassessment, the first in 20 years, angered many residents because of significantly high assessments than were expected and a confusing appeals process. This issue spurred some candidates to enter the commissionerís race.

The second part of the forum will consist of audience questions. As the audience assembles, they will have the opportunity to write a question of their own. The questions will be grouped by topic and then posed to the candidates, who will respond immediately.

This is an opportunity for residents to find out more about their political candidates. Last year only about 100 people were in attendance. This year we are hoping for a significantly larger audience.

The primary election is May 17. Voters will select two candidates from each party to move onto the general election on Nov. 8. With only two members from each party moving forward, neither party can win all three open seats. This is because state law is designed to ensure a minority party representative.

Area polling places

Carroll Valley

  • Carroll Valley Borough Office: 5685 Fairfield Rd., Fairfield, 642-8269
  • Childrenís Learning Center: 123 Sanders Rd., Carroll Valley, 642-8269, Cumberland Township
  • Barlow Fire Hall: 2005 Taneytown Rd., Gettysburg, 334-1717
  • Township Municipal Building: 1370 Fairfield Rd., Gettysburg, 334-6485, Fairfield
  • Village Hall: 108 W. Main St., Fairfield, 642-6557 Freedom Township
  • Township Municipal Building: 2184 Pumping Station Rd., Fairfield, 337-2926, Hamiltonban Township
  • Hamiltonban Township Building: 23 Carrolls Tract Rd., Fairfield, 642-8509, Highland Township
  • Highland Township Municipal Building: 3641 Fairfield Rd., Gettysburg, 642-8410, Liberty Township
  • Township Municipal Building: 39 Topper Rd., Fairfield, 642-6103

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